My Scars Are Yours Today

Chapter Seven;

At the end of the hallway, a door was hastily thrown open and Ivy was pushed inside. She saw a glimpse of a brown leather sofa before she was thrown to the floor and onto her knees. The door was slammed shut and the goons were gone. Ivy’s chest was heaving and tears still stung her eyes but she didn’t dare move or look up, she just kept on staring down at the stained, once cream, carpet.

He’s filming you Ivy, he’s documenting you at your weakest. Don’t respond to me at all, he wants that. Jinx’s words were calm and unlike they had been moments previously.

“Now Gotham, this little girl had been knocked out for over a week but still, here she is alive, my hostage!” Ivy’s mind was going into over drive; she’d been there for over a week? The Joker stood up from the sofa and stooped down to her height. He tilted her chin up and aimed the camera at her tear stained face. Ivy kept her eye’s downcast and refused to look at neither The Joker nor the video camera.

“And if it isn’t Bruce Wayne’s niece! Say ‘hi’ to uncle Brucey sweet heart,” The Joker taunted whilst laughing and stroking her face, making her feel sick and uncomfortable. “Come on, show everyone your beautiful face.”

“Go to hell,” She growled and spat directly at his face without thinking of the consequences. The Joker seethed and wrenched her head back by her hair.

“Don‘t be like that toots,” He laughed out. He stepped back from Ivy and aimed the camera at her, showing her vulnerable position to Gotham.

“So, is Batman really doing any good for Gotham City? This little girl was playing in the streets and I was able to just snatch her up,” The Joker stood and turned the camera to himself.

“If you ever want this little girl back alive then I want Batman to come and find me at midnight tonight, I’ll be waiting batboy.”
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