My Scars Are Yours Today

Chapter Eight;

The camera was turned off and thrown carelessly onto the sofa. The Joker stared down at Ivy as she looked anywhere but him. Hers arms were twisted painfully because of the way her wrists had been bound and she couldn’t help but whimper as The Joker moved closer to her.

“Look at me,” He ordered and prodded her with his shoe. As soon as her eyes met his he slapped her hard across her face. She choked back tears as The Joker pulled her to her feet.

“I’ve been watching you this past week and I’ve never seen… never seen such a small delicate thing with so much pent up rage. Is he training you?” He pushed her back against the wall and punched her hard in the stomach when she never answered his question.

“Answer me,” He yelled, his voice coming out much like an animalistic growl as she doubled over and moaned loudly in pain.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about,” She uttered out weakly, wheezing from pain.


“Why the hell would he be training me? I’ve only been in Gotham for like three weeks,” The Joker stared at her as she supported herself against the wall, breathing heavily. Had Bruce not told her whom he dressed up as at night?

“Are you a schizophrenic?” He changed the topic completely and went back to what he remembered from the previous week.

“That’s none of your business,” Ivy was forced to straighten up as The Joker held her to the wall by her throat. Her air supply was being cut off hastily.

“When I ask you a question, I want a straight answer,” He hissed and tightened his grip, “Now answer the question.”

“No… the doctors don‘t understand what is going on exactly but I have pills to keep her away.”

We’re a team. You’re not getting rid of me again!

“We’re not going through this again,” Ivy muttered angrily under her breath causing The Joker to grin sadistically at her.

“Now why don’t you be a good little girl-”

“I’m not a ‘little girl’,” Ivy hissed angrily as part of Jinx’s personality shone through her own. The Joker’s hand was still placed around her neck but he wasn’t putting any pressure on the skin.

Look how close he is. Kiss him, Ivy.

“No, your not,” He grinned after staring up and down Ivy’s body, making her skin crawl. She tried to squirm away from him but his grip on her neck tightened, holding her in place as he placed feathered kisses on her collarbone and her throat.

He likes you Ivy, enjoy the feeling before you have to go back to dear Uncle Brucey. Ivy whimpered and just stood against the wall with her hands being crushed whilst The Joker took advantage of her defenceless form.

Don’t you wonder what those scarred lips of his would feel like crushed against your own?

“Shut up, Jinx!” Ivy finally yelled angrily causing The Joker to start giggling manically.

“You are so different, I want to keep you.”

“W-what? No!” The man in front of her smirked and covered her mouth with his leather clad hand to muffle her words.

“Happy!” Immediately the door was opened and a guy with short blonde hair appeared. “Make my guest more comfortable for me whilst I go and get her her gift.”

“That dress over there was bought just for you. You’re to wear it when Batty comes to find you,” The Joker circled Ivy as she sat, bound once again to a chair. “I’m sure you will look fantastic in it. However, I think your skin needs a little bit more colour.”

“Are the bruises not enough colour for you?” Ivy whispered weakly, her head bowed low. She refused to meet The Joker’s eyes which only angered him further. He grabbed her and held her face firmly so that she was looking at him, green eyes meeting brown ones.

“Now these won’t be deep enough to kill you but maybe it’ll teach you to keep your idiotic replies to yourself,” He hissed and his hand left her face. Ivy closed her eyes and her breathing became laboured.

She felt the cold blade touch the top of her arm and slowly pressure was added and the blade was dragged painfully slow over her ivory skin. In a quick movement the bandage was cut from her arm and he traced over the jagged cut with his blade. Ivy bit her lip as not to let out a noise of discomfort and she clenched her eyes shut tightly.

The Joker laughed manically at the way that she tried not to scream out and purposely ran the blade quickly over parts of her skin over and over again until she screamed out, not being able to take anymore.

“Stop!” She yelled with her green eyes wide and wild. Her heart hammered against her chest and her muscles contracted as she pulled against her restraints in a panicked attempt to escape and move away from the sociopath in front of her. Her arm was a mess of cuts that went over and near the deep mark he’d previously made on her skin.

You’re making this worse for yourself Ivy, you need to calm down!

“Easy for you to say,” Ivy gritted out through clenched teeth as the malicious man moved behind her.

“This is why you’re so perfect Ivy. Or would you rather I call you Jinx?” He gently moved her hair from her neck and she followed the movement of his hands as they moved down her front. She stared at the glinting blade that had a slither of blood on it and then at the purple leather clad hands that held it.

“Now don’t ignore me, because that is awfully rude you know.”

“Ivy. Call me Ivy. Jinx isn’t real,” Her voice shook as she spoke and she could hear the Joker clicking his tongue next to her ear and his warm breath sent shivers down her spine. Her eyes followed the blade as it moved to the top of her left breast where he applied more pressure than he had on her arm.

“Oh, fuck,” She groaned out, beads of sweat trickling from her forehead.

“Well if Jinx isn’t real, why do you speak to her as if she is?” The Joker moved the blade up slightly and ran the blade across the width of her chest causing blood to leak from the shallow cut and turn her skin a horrid crimson.

“Because I‘m going crazy,” She whimpered and her head dropped down.

“No, not crazy,” He mused. She looked at the blood that slowly ran from the long cut on her chest and e down her top or mingled with the blood from the cut on her breast.
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