My Scars Are Yours Today

Chapter Nine;

The dress fitted Ivy perfectly and would have looked stunning if it wasn’t for the fresh blood that adorned her arm, chest and breast. The purple chiffon material was a nice contrast against her body compared to the pain she was in so Ivy welcomed the dress and it’s beautiful qualities.

To outweigh the dress though, the Joker had fastened an uncomfortable silver chain with an emerald stone around her neck. The emerald scratched uncomfortably at the long bloody cut on her chest and caused an unbearable feeling which Ivy couldn’t get rid of. Her hands were yet again handcuffed behind her back and she wore a pair of beautiful purple heals that she stumbled in as the Joker dragged her beside him. The two matched perfectly in a disturbing and sick way.

The top of Wayne Enterprise was freezing cold as Ivy was pushed roughly in front of him, his right arm going around her to hold her still whilst the other held a switchblade. The wind was harsh and whipped around the two as they stood looking across the rooftop in silence. The sky was cloudless and allowed it’s stars to shine brightly from their distance of many, many miles.

The moon reflected it’s silver glow onto the concrete rooftop and became the only source of light for the captor and his captive. The Joker held his switch blade in his left hand, ready for when Batman appeared to claim his prize.

“Where is he?” He mused, his warm breath attacking Ivy’s neck. Ivy shivered violently and fought hard to keep her eyes open as she swayed in the Joker’s grip. The loss of blood made her light headed and her muscles and joints were beginning to ache and complain about the cold.

Suddenly there was a harsh tug on her hand and then a howl of laughter as the Joker hit the ground. Without the Joker to support her Ivy was barely able to stand.

Get to the side, Ivy, Jinx’s voice sounded very faintly from the back of her mind. Everything was just so cloudy as she tried to stagger to the side of the rooftop without falling in the heels she wore. Ivy could hear the voice of Batman growing closer and closer but tried to block it out until the Joker’s distinctive voice joined his.

“Come on Batty, just tell her! What’s the use in lying, hmm?” Ivy looked up to see Batman throwing the Joker to the ground with a grunt. With a small groan she also fell to the concrete ground as she stumbled and tripped over her own feet. She struggled to get back to her feet considering her hands were still handcuffed behind her. She looked over at the two to see that their positions had changed and now it was Batman that was in the grips of the Joker. Ivy’s breathing became laboured and her eyes were heavy as she blinked and fought not to fall into unconsciousness.

For God’s sake, get to the fucking side! Jinx’s voice screamed and jerked her back to reality.

“What’ll it change? What good will you get from that?” Batman asked the Joker as he held the giant bat down with a blade against the mesh between the parts of his suit.

“I only think it’s fair for the girl to know who her uncle Brucey dresses up as at night,” The Joker giggled and watched amused as Ivy snapped her head up to look at the two of them even in the state that she was in, you could still see the shock in her eyes.

“Bruce?” She uttered and backed off, not knowing what to think of the current situation though everything was still hazy. Batman pushed the Joker back and onto the floor which just caused the clown to giggle insanely. The bat went to walk forward only for Ivy to quickly step further back as Jinx instructed her to.

“This changes nothing for you, Ivy,” Bruce spoke, his natural voice coming from within the Batsuit. The sixteen year old was about to reply but her legs hit the concrete surrounding the perimeter of the roof and her knees buckled.

Without the use of her arms she couldn’t prevent herself from falling and instead flipped over the side. She yelped loudly and could hear the cackling from the Joker grow even more hysterical. Seconds before a blur of black was flying towards her, Ivy’s eyes slipped shut as she hurtled towards the ground.
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