He Hoped He Would Have the Strength to Do What Was Right

One and only chapter

'He hoped he would have the strength to do what was right', was the thought running through Jacoby's mind as he pictured his 'best' friend, Skyler, hanging around with the jocks at their school. Jacoby walked into the school, not looking forward to the day ahead, to Skyler his 'best' friend and more ignoring him all day like he did everyday at school.

Jacoby was about to find out sooner than he had wished, the most popular boy in the school, Jordan walked up yo him with two of the jocks, including Skyler. Jordan and his minions all looked at Jacoby with anger and hatred in their eyes, all except for Skyler, the look in his his chocolate brown eyes was one of sorrow and pain. Jacoby knew exact reason for this look, Skyler was about to see Jordan cause pain to Jacoby, again and Skyler was just going to stand by and let the one person he loved more than anything in the world get hurt. Skyler was to scared of Jordan to stand up to him like Jacoby wanted him to do.

As Jacoby and Skyler locked eyes once again Skyler mouthed “I'm sorry” to Jacoby, just as Jordan reached his muscular arms forward pushing Jacoby back against the lockers that were behind him. As Jacoby's head collided harshly with the lockers he felt instant pain and what he thought to be blood beginning to slowly slip from the wound to matt up his freshly dyed black and purple hair. The wound was to the left side of his head in between the purple hair at the side and the black hair in the middle of his head. Through the pain from his head, Jacoby bit down on his bottom lip the rings that formed his snakebites clinking against his teeth. As Jordan and Brent hit Jacoby in his stomach while shouting insults about Jacoby's sexuality, he glanced up at Skyler, a look of pain and hope spread across his jade green eyes and in that second anger finally spread across the chocolate brown eyes of Skyler and Jacoby instantly knew that Skyler was going to finally have the strength to do what was right.

And as that thought crossed Jacoby's mind Skyler reached forward and pulled Brent, then the muscular Jordan off of Jacoby before telling them to leave him alone. Much to Brent and Jordan's surprise Skyler now told them to leave the most unpopular person in the high school alone.

“Why should we leave him alone? He's gay and a complete weirdo,” were the angry words that left Jordan's mouth. He was in absolute shock that someone had stood up to him, but even more so they had defended the most disliked person in the school.

“Because I said so and him being gay doesn't matter, and he is mot a weirdo, he is the coolest person I know,” Skyler replied putting emphasis on the not in the middle of the sentence. With absolute shock both Jordan and Brent looked horrified before turning around and disappearing.

“Thank you for finally being strong enough and making the right choice,” muttered Jacoby as he leaned forward to hug Skyler, “Now lets get revenge on Jordan, Skyler” Jacoby finished.

“Lets, remember, 'the best revenge is bettering yourself' as one Zacky Vengeance of Avenged Sevenfold said,” muttered Skyler and with that the two boys decided they would follow the wise words and would get the best revenge on the jocks who had made life tough for Jacoby.
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