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Until I Make It Home to You

Ashley Anderson is 18 and is abused by her 'brother' Andrew and her 'mother' ever since the accident. She dreams of joining the Army so she can help the world when the world didn't help her. Ashley wants to make a difference in someone's lives. But when her mother has a BIG surprise for her on her 18th birthday how will Ashley react. Will she accept it or decide to just run away? read the story and find out.

Ashley Anderson: is 18 and is just graduating collage. She is a genius who graduated high school at the age of 14. She has no friends and everyone treats her like a nobody. her brother Andrew is in all of her classes and graduates the same year as her. Ashley is a shy and artistic girl. She draws, plays the drums, guitar and sings. She has bleach blonde hair with black, blue, and pick highlights. With piercing blue eyes you would think there was someone special for her but sadly there isn't a person in her school who wants to date a younger woman. She has her ears pierced three times each and on the left cartilage she has a piercing, snakebites, and naval too. She only as one tattoo that her family doesn't know about. it's the deathbat tattoo on her left hip because she loves Avenged Sevenfold.

Andrew and Mom: Both of them are abusive. They both have black hair with brown eyes.

Dad: He loved Ashley like his own daughter. He supported her with her music and drawing. He ran home to help her with anything. he has Brown hair with brown eyes. He was a high payed lawyer in the town of Baltimore, Maryland.

Ok i do not own A7X or their girlfriends/wives. I do not own their music or songs. But i do own Ashley, her family, and any other made up character there is in this story. I have nothing against Val at all so don't hate me for it.
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