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Until I Make It Home to You

Last Time

Still Jimmy’s POV

I can’t believe mom never told me something this big. I can’t believe she hid it from me for all these year. I still couldn’t believe anything anymore but the car ride to Zacky’s house helped me think clearly. Once I arrived there I saw everyone’s cars in the driveway so I park on the street and walked into the house. Once in the house I headed to where I heard all the noise coming from. When I walked into the family room Matt S. saw my face and stopped talking to Brian. “Jimmy, what’s wrong? Why do you look so sad?” he asked. Everyone then stopped talking and stared at me. I took a seat next to Zack and let out a long sign.

“My mom kept a secret from me all my life and today she told me what it was,” I said head in hands.

“What was the secret?” Brian asked worriedly.

“Evidently, I have a twenty-three year old sister somewhere in the world. My mom wants me to pick her up when she comes home from touring and she’s going to live with me,” I said almost in tears.

“Wow, man that’s tough but why now? What tour?” Zack asked me.

“What’s her name?” Johnny asked right before I answered Zack’s question.

“Her name is Ashley, I don’t know why. I think it’s because her adoptive parents don’t want her any more. For the tour I have no idea. I don’t know what to do, what if she doesn’t like me?” I asked worried.

“Dude, she’ll love you,” all the guys said at once. They all know I have an issue about people not liking me.

Hospital Normal POV

Ok, so being shot really isn’t as fun as it looks like in the movies. I still don’t know where I am but I know the doctors are American. The good thing about this is I might be able to go home early. Then I can search for mom and Andrew. At the thought of Andrew a nurse came in with a letter. This is the letter that the secret will be revealed. I took it from her and opened it.

Dear Ashley,

This is the last letter of the bunch. The last time I’ll talk to you or communicate with you. This is the last time for anything. Last time I’ll sing you a song, last time I’ll hug you goodbye, last time I’ll see you. For in this letter contains many last times. I’ll start from the beginning. You were adopted when you were born by my parents. You’re real parents last name is Sullivan. They’ve been trying to contact you for years but mom and dad didn’t want that to happen. Now mom doesn’t want you and she’s going to send you back to them. So before you get back call the number at the bottom and tell them when you get home. They should pick you up from the airport. So this is our last goodbye. So Ashley always remember this, we will always think of you as family but dad was the one who made it a family.



Wow, I’m speechless. I mean how would you feel when you find out that your whole life is a lie. But this is the last time I’ll hear from Andrew and my old life. It reminds me of the song called “Last Time by Secondhand Serenade”.

So I'll sing this song to you

For the last time

And my heart is torn in two

Thinking of days spent without you

And there is nothing left to prove

Few days later

The doctor finally told me I could go home but not back to war. I still can’t walk right so I have to use crutches and my arms in a sling. I look pretty beat up but I still look ok. I’m not set to leave until tomorrow but I still need to call the Sullivan’s. So I asked to borrow a phone and dialed the number at the bottom of the letter. It rang three times before a man answered it.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Hi is this the Sullivan residence?” I asked.

“Yeah it is, who is this?” he asked.

“Um, my name is Ashley. The Anderson’s told me to call this number once I get out of tour to talk about meeting arrangements,” I said. I can’t believe I called them the Anderson’s, I thought.

“Oh, you’re my sister. Well when do you get off?” he asked excitedly.

“I get on off tomorrow but don’t get in until Friday which is in three days. But may I know what my brother’s name is?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, my name is Jimmy. Ok I’ll meet you at the LAX on Friday at 12. I’ll see you then sis, bye.”

“Bye,” then I hung up. I just can’t wait to meet my brother now I know he’s a famous drummer.
What makes this even better is that he’s my favorite drummer of all times and also my favorite member of Avenged Sevenfold, besides Matt.
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