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Until I Make It Home to You


Ashley’s POV

“Excuse me miss, do you need any help?” a woman asked me while trying to get off the plane.

“No thank you, I’m fine,” I told her getting frustrated. Getting out of my seat, I reached up to grab my carry on out of the storage above the seats. Once that was done I hobbled out of the plane.

“Hey do you need any help?” a man walked up to me asking.

“I’m fine sir, thanks for asking though,” I said threw my teeth, now getting tired of being stopped for help all the time. If you couldn’t tell by now I hate it when people feel sorry for me.

I don’t need help from anyone; I’m an independent woman. With my uniform on and a cast I tried my best to get to the luggage carousal. Thinking about the person that sat next to me on the flight.


“Miss you need to wake up were at the airport right now,” the woman next to me said sweetly while gently shaking my shoulder. This woman was an elderly woman with white hair and blue eyes. She was an amazing woman who cared about me, she reminded me of my grandmother.

Looking at her, “Thank you for waking me.” Smiling back at me, we talked more while we slowly descended to land. At the beginning of the flight I told her that I didn’t like flying; it’s one of my fears. When finding that out she told me about her life and she asked about the army. She told me that whenever I talked about the army I had a sparkle in my eye. “It was nice meeting you Ruth,” I told her while smiling brightly at her.

“I hope you have fun and be nice to your brother, Ashley. Make sure you stay safe wherever you go, thank you so much for fighting for our nation,” she said as we parted at the gate.

End of Flashback

The carousal wasn’t crowded at all; the only people there were the people from the flight. After the first baggage dropped and started to go around, I noticed that none of my bags were coming. It took almost twenty minutes before my green army bags appeared. Reaching down to grab it, a hand beat me too it.

“Here you go miss,” a tall guy handed me my bags with the whitest smile.

“Thank you but I could have grabbed them perfectly fine by myself,” I told him back while grabbing them out of his hands. Juggling with all the bags I hobbled over to the bench closest to the door. Sitting down looking for anyone that looked like Jimmy. Getting bored I put my headphones in my ears and pressed play starting to listen to Avenged Sevenfold.

One thing I hate more than help is people being late. Jimmy is now thirty minutes late and I’m beyond pissed, and people close to me know when I’m in a bad mood to never talk to me or even look at me. Glancing up towards the door, I saw Jimmy looking around fore me. Suddenly a realization hit me, he doesn’t know what I look like and if he did he couldn’t see me because I’m sitting down.

“Jimmy over here!” I yelled out for him. He looked over my way and saw me sitting down but has yet to see my cast or crutches. Seeing his head bobbing through the crowd, he finally was in front of me grinning like a fool.

“It’s so great to finally meet you Ashley! Wait what the hell happened to you?” he asked when finally noticing my cast.

“This is what happens when you are at tour and the people don’t like you and are fighting,” I said in a smartass tone while smirking at his confusion.

“Oh my god, are you ok? What type of tour were you even on? No one told me anything beside to tell me to come pick me up,” he kept asking me questions and not letting me answer. He was really worried too, because he started pacing back and forth in front of me.

“Shut the hell up! First off I’m fine just a few broken bones and bullet wounds. Nothing to worry about,” I held up my hand as Jimmy was about to interrupt me. “I was at war you big idiot; hello I’m still in my army uniform. Now can we please leave, I’m tired and I don’t like all these people staring at me.”

“Fine we’ll head home, but we need to talk at home,” he said while helping me with my bags to the car. “Oh, and welcome home sis,” he said while smiling and hugging me.

Jimmy’s Our House

Never again will I step foot in a car if Jimmy is driving. Yet the car ride was hilarious as hell. Jimmy is one of the craziest drivers ever; he kept driving off the road and almost caused five accidents. During the car ride he told me all about his friend and how I won’t be meeting them until tomorrow so I can get used to my new surrounding. I thought that was really sweet of him caring about me being comfortable with everything going on.

Getting out of the car, Jimmy ran around to my side and opened the door for me and helped me out of his giant car. “Stay right there, I’m going to grab your bags,” he told me while going to the trunk and getting my bags.

“Hey Jimbo, where’s my room? I want to take a small nap before dinner,” I told him while fake yawning.

“Nope, not telling you. We need to sit down in the family room and have a nice little chat,” he smiled back and lead me to what I’m guessing is the family room. Sitting down next to him,

“So tell me about you’re family. Why did you go off to war?”

“Ok well, dad or Kenneth in this case, was really nice to be growing up. But he died on one of my birthdays in a car accident heading home to my party. My mom, but I called her Wilma, was nice until then and started to abuse me along with Andrew. It all started with verbal abuse then slowly to physical abuse. Andrew joined in as I started getting older, but currently we are now getting along. Andrew and I made up when he wrote to me while I was fighting. I first decided to go off and join the army when I was sixteen but they don’t let you join until you’re eighteen, so I waited until that day. I decided to go when the abuse got worse and out of control. It was to the point where if I don’t turn off the water I would be hurt,” I explained with tears threatening to fall.

“Wow…ok so tell me more about the war. How long were you gone for? How did you get hurt?” he asked like a little boy asking to get a brand new toy.

“I fought for five years give or take longer. A friend and I were searching a town and two men ambushed us. I noticed an enemy solider point a gun at Jim, my friend, and I took the bullets instead of him. It pierced my leg, arm, and shoulder before Jim shot the guy. Any other questions?” I asked.

“Yeah, can you tell me more about yourself? I want to get to know you more,” he told me while placing his arm around my shoulder.

“Well my name is Ashley Nichole, I was born on May 25. I graduated high school at the age of fourteen and then graduated college just before I turned eighteen. My favorite colors are currently red and black. I hate the color pink with a huge passion. I’m a tomboy that loves sports; I play football, rugby, and stuff like that.”

“Awesome! I have a super genius for a little sister. Me and you will get along just fine from what you told me,” he said while giving me a huge bear hug. I started giggling after what he just told me.

That went on for hours until I decided to turn in for the night to unpack my stuff. I had Jimmy lead me to my room so I at least know where it is, since I don’t know what my new room looks like. So when Jimmy opened my door he set down my bags, hugged me goodnight, and then left the room. Looking around the room I saw it was my dream room come true. The room was painted a blood red color, which is one of my favorites and I loved so much. The bed was black-framed bed with red comforter and black sheets, also a mixture of black and red pillows. Basically the whole room was decorated in black and reds, it was amazing. I’m worried though that the walls will remind me of all the blood and darkness I saw when in Iraq. I hope I don’t have those nightmares again, I thought.

Tonight, tonight I send out apologies

The time is cut off right over the edge

And if I try to say your name ill just bite my tongue

It’s your nightmare make sure to handle it well

Turn off your evil turn down your care

It’s your nightmare make sure to handle it well

Turn off your evil turn down your care

Jimmy’s POV

I’m super excited to have my sister live with me. After my conversation with her, I feel like I’ve known her my whole life instead of just a few hours. Being proud to call her my sister, I can’t wait to show her off to everyone. I decided to call Brian to tell him all about meeting her, Brian will always be happy to hear from me.

“Hello?” Brian asked sleepily.

“Hey Brian! Did I wake you?” I hyperly asked.

“Yeah you did Jimmy, but it’s ok. What’s up?” he asked while yawning. I can imagine him in his bed rubbing his eyes trying to wake up.

“Well Ashley just went to bed, but we had a super long conversation together!” I jumped for joy.

“That’s great Jimbo, I’m happy you two are getting to know each other.”

“Me too, she’s everything anyone would want in a sister. I can’t wait for everyone to meet her tomorrow!”

“I know Jimmy, well I’m going to hang up now and let you go, I need sleep,” he said while hanging up.
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