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Until I Make It Home to You

Friends Til the End

Next Morning

“Jim run!” I screamed at Jim while darting into the closest building. Three men are after the both of us because we interrupted their deal that was going on. The one to the right pulled out his gun first and fired at Jim, but missed him by an ear. We started running for our lives when the middle one, the boss, shot up out of his seat and started after us.

“Ashley we need to hide,” Jim told and pushed me behind a door. Next thing I know Jim is laying on the ground with a bullet hole in his head, in between his eyes.

“Jim, no!” I exclaimed crying over the loss of my friend. Hearing the footsteps slowly approach me, I found a corner to hide in. Please don’t find me, Please don’t find me, I thought. But all of that changed when I heard the click of the gun.

“Get ready to die,” one of the men said quietly to me while the other two prayed for me. Closing my eyes to pray all, when I opened them again the scene changed to a battlefield. Looking down I see I’m in my uniform, not remembering putting it on I shrugged not bothering with it. Noticing my surrounding consist of blood and bodies everywhere I looked around me.

Starting to walk through the bodies, I stopped dead in my tracks. Matt was lying on the floor bleeding about a foot in front of me. I screamed for Jason, but I then saw him lying next to Matt in the same condition. Tears flooded my eyes and flowed down my cheeks, I ran towards them. Sitting on my knees, I grabbed Matt’s bloody body in my arms, not caring about blood getting on my uniform or even me. He can’t die, he couldn’t do this to me, I need Matt in my
life along with Jason.

“Matt please stay with me. I need you, please,” I cried. “Someone please help me! My friends need a medic!” Nobody came to help my pleas for help. Right in front of me Jason and Matt died, I should have been there to save them; hell it should have been me. I continued to cry until I heard something move behind me. Dropping Matt, thinking it could be Jason; I turned around to see a masked man with a gun pointed at me.

“Please don’t shoot me,” I begged the man, hoping he will listen to me. But the person didn’t listen, he ignored me and my plea to live. He cocked the gun and pointed it at me again, only this time pointed it directly at my heart. “ Please don’t shoot me.”

“Why shouldn’t I shoot you? You ruined my life so I think it’s only fair to ruin yours,” the man said.

“Who are you?” I asked. He oly chuckled and took off his mask. Gasping at the sight of Andrew behind the mask. He then again pointed the gun back at my heart.

“Goodbye Bitch!” he hollered as his finger was on the trigger getting read to pull it.

“Don’t shoot!” I screamed with a start. Sitting against my headboard, trying to regulate my breathing patterns. I can’t believe I had that nightmare again, seeing Jim die in front of me, even if it never happen. When my door slammed open, my heart rate became irregular.

“Sis are you ok? Are you hurt? Did you have a bad dream?” Jimmy said while rushing to my bed and sitting down worriedly.

“It’s ok Jimbo, I’m fine it was just a nightmare. I’ve had it for years now; I’m used to it, so no worries,” I said with a small smile to calm both of us down. “When am I going to meet the guys today?” I asked so we can change the subject from my dream.

“We’re meeting them at Johnny’s for a drink then we’ll go to Matt’s house to hangout and maybe chat,” he said while squeezing my hand, I think he knows that I’m changing the subject.

“That sounds fun, but I can’t drink. Because of my broken bones, I’m taking pain meds for it and I can’t mix them with alcohol,” he stood up while I told him this.

“Ok sis, Johnny’s has non-alcoholic drinks there, so you’ll be fine. Now I’m going to leave you to get dress, make sure it’s something casual,” he gave me a huge hug and left to my thoughts and to get ready. Still thinking about my dream I can’t believe that I’m still having that same dream. Trying to forget it so it doesn’t bring down my mood, I decided to get ready.

Walking to my walk in closet, I picked out my favorite pair of jeans; they were ripped at the knees and were black. It took me a little bit to put them on since they didn’t want to go over my cast. Next I went through my belt collection and grabbed a white studded belt and wrapped it around my waist. Finally walking towards my shirt wall, I decided to wear a black and white tuxedo shirt.

Jimmy’s POV

After this mornings nightmare scare, I’m now getting worried about Ashley. When I ran into her room to wake her up, and her telling me it was just a nightmare and she’s had it before like it was no big deal. That’s not normal for a person to say. I know I only have known her for a day but I can’t but help to feel sorry and bad for her. She’s’ been through so much in her short life then anyone has in their whole life. Deciding to get ready to introduce my sister to my best friends I ran to my closet and got dressed.

“Hey are you ready?” Ashley asked popping out of no where and scaring me.

“Yeah, we better get going or the guys will cause trouble knowing them,” I said while chuckling. She looks good; I just hope none of the guys try and hit on her. “Do you want to tell the guys anything about the war or how you got hurt? They already know that you were touring, but I think they thought the same thing as me, a musical tour.”

“Why don’t we keep this between us for right now. At least until they get really curious, I just don’t want to tell them right now,” she said while smiling at me.

“Ok hun, why don’t we go to my car and we’ll talk more,” I told her. “I’ll race you!” I dashed to the car only to forget she’s still in her cast.

“Haha, Jimmy open the door for me please,” she laughed while giving me the puppy dogface. I walked back over to the passenger door and picked Ashley up and placed her on the seat.
“Thanks Jimbo!”

“No problem baby sis,” I said after I got into the drivers seat and started the car. “Now lets talk about your favorite band, who are they?”

“Well, I love this one band but their drummer is a complete nut. You might of heard them, they are called Avenged Somethingfold I think,” she jokingly said while chuckling even now and then.

“Oh I think they are called Avenged Sevenfold, yeah I heard that too about the drummer. But you know what I also heard is that the singer is insane no matter how much he says ‘I’m not insane’,” I laughed with my little sister. This continued until we got to the bar, I saw the perfect spot to park and zoomed to get it before anyone else.

Ashley’s POV

We got out of the car laughing our butts off, and walked towards the entrance. Being the tallest Jimmy looked over everyone’s heads trying to find his friends or anyone he knew. I was trying to help him by looking but I don’t know who’s coming and who’s not since Jimmy never told me. When glancing towards the bar, Jimmy suddenly grabbed my hand and picked me up and started to run over to a hidden corner. “Hey guys, sorry we’re late. Ashley here takes forever to get ready on time, such a girl,” he told his friends.

“Bullshit, it was you that made us late, since you took forever to get ready and you were thinking,” I told him while smacking him upside his head.

“It’s ok Jimbo, who’s the hot chick over your shoulder?” Johnny asked getting a smack from Lacey and a laugh from me.

“Guys this is…” Jimmy couldn’t finish his sentence because someone interrupted him, and by someone I mean me.

“Holy shit! Matt, Jason!” I yelled while I jumped off Jimmy’s back and hopped to Jason and Matt to hug them.

“Ash!” Jason said first while giving me a tight brotherly hug.

“Nick!” Matt yelled while yanking me out of Jason’s arms and into a hug twirling me around.
I could tell everyone was confused by the looks we were getting. But right now I don’t care because I’m back with my boys. “Hey Ashley, how do you know them sis?” Jimmy asked me while everyone else nodded his or her heads in agreement.

“Do you remember how I told you about the people I hung out with? These two were my best friends back in the army. I saved these two buffoons bunches of times. I thought I would never see them again but now look at it, here they are,”I explained while still hugging the Berry brothers.

“Ok why don’t you sit down and tell us everything about you,” Matt S. said. I nodded and sat down Jimmy to my left and Jason to my right.

“Why don’t we start with easy questions, what’s your birthday?” “What was it like being in the army?” Zack and Brian both asked at the same time.

“My birthday is on May 25 and the army was fun. You meet a ton of nice people but seeing people die was a huge downfall,” I told them while looking at the drink list.

“What happened after both Jason and I left? Why are you looking like this, all broken and all?” Matt B. asked me while gesturing to my cast.

“Ok well after you guys left Joe got killed during a mail delivery. And well nothing else happened after that almost everyone we knew left or got shot in battle. As for me, I had to stay until recently as you can see. You remember Slim Jim?” I asked and looked at them to see them both nodding yes. “Well we were grouped together and he was about to be shot so I took the hit for him,” I said looking down at the table.

“I told you Jim would be the death of you but really he could’ve taken care of himself. But enough of this depressing subject. Why didn’t you tell us you were related to Jimmy?” Jason asked curiously.

“Well to tell you the truth, I didn’t find out until five days ago in a hospital,” I told them looking happy to get rid of the war talk.

Hours later

After talking for hours at Johnny’s, we all decided to leave and go to Matt’s to continue this there. They asked me everything and anything, to get to know me better. Johnny got so drunk that he asked me what color gummy bear I liked better. It was so funny to see the different guys drunken personalities. Since I couldn’t drive Jimmy and I had to stay at Matt and Val’s house since Jimmy drank too much and I didn’t know where to go. It was fun, the girls and I had a sleepover and played random games. All I can say is that I can tell this group of people will become good friends with me. We will all be friends to the end of life.

'Cause we are all a bunch of liars.

Tell me, baby, who do you wanna be?

And we are all about to sell it,

'Cause it's tragic with a capital T.

Let it be, Let it be, Let it be!

'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends.

(Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba)

And we all get together when we bury our friends.

(Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba)

It's been eight bitter years since I've been seeing your face.

(Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba)

And you're walking away, and I will die in this place.
♠ ♠ ♠
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