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Until I Make It Home to You

Freedom at Last!

-The Next Day-

It’s closer to my birthday which also means it’s closer to my freedom of my personal Hell. Today is Saturday so mom won’t be home ‘til 6 o’clock. But sadly Andrew is going to be home all day with his friends. I knew something bad would happen today but I didn’t listen to myself and walked out of my room. That for starters was the first big mistake. I walked into the kitchen and looked at the oven clock it said 10:10.

Then I noticed dirty dishes in the sink next to the oven. Andrew’s friends must have eaten too, I thought. Mom always made me do all the housework and if I didn’t or didn’t do it right I would be grounded in my room for a week without food. And since I was grounded yesterday I won’t be getting food for a week. This will suck big time. I was shaken from my thoughts when someone punched me in my back. It was already hurting from my beating three days ago. That made the plate that was in my hands to shatter on the floor. Oh Shit I’m dead! I thought as I tried picking up the pieces of the plate some of them digging into my skin cutting my hands. Once I finished I turned around to find Andrew and his two friends Nick and Peter smiling.

“Ashley, your so died when mom finds out and I’m sure mom wouldn’t like to hear that her best dish was destroyed do you?” Andrew asked me with a smile.

“N-no,” I stuttered.

“Well you know the punishment. So come here.” He grabbed me roughly by my hair yanking me towards the basement where my room was. When I was young and loved by my family my room was upstairs but now it in the basement where my dungeon is. He through me onto the hard concrete floor as forcefully as he could and laughed at my pained expression. “You brought this onto yourself when you were born.” He then kicked me hard in my ribs. Since some of my ribs broke yester from my mother’s beating I could hear even more breaking. The pain was killing me but I couldn’t move or make a sound or else the beating will get worse.

“Answer me Bitch!” He shouted and picked up a knife and cut my right leg on the side from my bad ankle to my knee. I screamed in pain and the feeling of the knife hitting my bones while everyone laughed. It was like this was some sick, twisted game to them.

“Andrew I think she broke one of the rules by screaming,” Peter snickered.

“I think he’s right Andy.” Nick smiled.

Andrew didn’t answer them he just smiled and kept kicking me until I heard a loud snap of my Tibia. I’m sure everyone heard it because they suddenly stopped and froze. This is the first time they broke a bone that wasn’t my ribs. They didn’t want to break anything else because they didn’t want to take me to the hospital and waste money and even get caught.

“Shit,” Andrew swore under his breath. “We need to…” I sadly didn’t get to hear the rest of what was said because the pain was just too much to bear. I was slipping in and out of consciousness. I finally gave up the battle and slipped into the darkness hoping there was no pain there, only love.

-sometime later-





“You took this too far Andrew!” I heard someone yell at someone named Andrew. Who were these voices? Do they have the right room? What was that annoying sound, did I forget to turn off my alarm? So I thought I would start with the last question. I reached my arm out of bed to try to turn off my alarm but my arm was pulled painfully by something. I opened my eyes to see an IV sticking into my arm, well that explains the pulling, I thought. I then looked all around the room. It was too bright for my eyes so it took me awhile to get use to this brightness. I saw mother and Andrew yelling at each other. They haven’t noticed I’m awake yet. That’s good maybe I can pretend for awhile so they would leave.

“ASHLEY!!” Mother screamed at me. Then smacked me on my already bruised cheek.

“Y-yes mother.” I replied softly.

“You need to pay attention. If the nurses or doctors ask you anything you must and I mean must tell them you fell down the stairs and cut your leg at the bottom. If I hear you didn’t your punishment will be sevenfold.” She yelled. I tuned out and thought of the song Attention by Academy Is when she said attention.

I was brought out of my trance when a doctor and a nurse came into my room. “Hi, I must ask you two to leave right now. Visiting hours has ended but you can come back tomorrow to visit her.” The nurse said politely. As they were leaving mother gave me a look and it was a look that could kill you.

“Hello Ashley. My name is Dr. Morgan. I’m going to ask you a series of questions, is that ok with you?” Doctor Morgan asked with a smile. I had to giggle when he said series of questions because I thought of The Phrase That Pays.

“Yeah it’s ok with me.” I said in a small voice.

“Ok can you tell me what day it is?”

“Saturday May 16th” I answered.

“Ok, what’s your name and age?”

“Ashley Nichole Anderson and I’m 17.”

“What School do you go to and what grade?”

“University of Maryland and I’m a senior.”

“Wow I’m impressed with that. You’re only 17 and graduating this year. My son is 17 and he’s still in high school. Now back to the questions. This is that last one. How did you get hurt?” He asked with a sad smile. Crap, I forget what mom told me. Think, think what did she say. Something about falling or was it bullied. Shit!

“Um, well I…I was…was walking up the down the street towards my dorm room when suddenly a man came up to me and asked for all of my money. I didn’t have any money on me so I told him I didn’t. He yelled at me and pushed me into a dark alley and began to kick me. Then he found a broken piece of glass and cut my leg. Other then that I only saw darkness so I wasn’t able to see his face,” I lied to him.

“Ok, Just to let you know it’s not the 16th anymore it’s now the 23rd. You have been in a coma for one week. That was a medical for you because in your condition you could have stayed in a coma for the rest of your life. You have a broken leg and a bad cut on that leg. It’s in a cast that can come off in a month since I wasn’t a bad brake. But after the cast comes off you need to keep your leg wrapped up because of the cut. You have 5 broken ribs and a few bruises. Other then that you can go home in another week. I want you to stay so I can watch your recovery.” He explained to me, “Do you have any questions for me before I leave you to rest?”

“I just have one. Who brought me here?” I couldn’t look the doctor in his eyes; I was too frightened. I can’t look anyone in the eyes anymore because of everything my family does to me; I don’t want to see the evilness in them.

“Well the young man that was in your room before came running in crying to get you here as fast as possible.” He said.

“T-thank you doctor Morgan.” I thanked him quietly. He smiled and left me to think. I can’t believe Andrew would save me, I thought he hated me. Then I fell into a dreamless asleep.

-one month later-

Well I just got my cast off and all of my ribs and cuts healed. And I’m now 18!!! Fuck yeah, I can finally leave this Hellhole. But I bet your wondering what’s happened this past month. Ok so mom and Andrew never visited me after the day I woke up. My birthday was spent with me in bed watching movies with the nurses and Dr. Morgan. I could tell something was up with Dr. Morgan because he would always look at me with sad eyes. Other then that I got out of the hospital the day after my birthday and went back to school and graduated with honors and Valedictorian. Again mom and Andrew didn’t show up for that but that’s ok. Two days ago I got a letter from the army that said,

Dear Ashley Anderson,
We have the honor to send you this letter and to tell you that you are now enlisted into the United States Army. In a week you start your basic training for two months then you will graduate and then you will be shipped off somewhere. You will be given a bag by a sergeant when he comes to pick you up so you will only have an hour to pack that day. He will arrive at 1330 hours. We are looking forward to you joining the army so work hard for your country.
Lt. Smith

-One day before they come-

I was busy packing my bag when someone barged into my room. “What are you packing for?” they asked. I turned around to find Andrew and my mother. Crap I forgot to tell them I joined the army.

“Well I’m packing because I’m going somewhere tomorrow and I need to start packing.” I was telling the truth but not the whole truth.

“Ok well someone’s here to see you and he’s in a uniform. An Army uniform.” He said with a smile. All I did was smile back and run up the stairs. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was 1:30. When I reached the bottom step I saw the sergeant holding a green bag. I smiled at him. “Hello sir my name is Ashley.”

“Good afternoon Anderson. I’m Sergeant Johnson. Here’s your bag so get packed so we can hurry up and leave.” With that I went downstairs to finish packing; when I finished I walked up the stairs, I walked into the jeep and was on my way to freedom at last.

Freedom at Last,
I’m not in darkness but in the lightness,
Not chained but free,
Not suffering but living,
Away from evil and despair and in love and kindness.
Freedom at Last,
I’m not running away but running to,
I’m not in hate but now love,
I’m free at last
♠ ♠ ♠
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