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Until I Make It Home to You

How Long

Two weeks Later

I’ve been at training camp for only four days now, and let me tell you something. It’s hard, but it’s better then living at that house. So far I’m ahead of my studies and training skills. Sergeant Johnson says I might be able to leave camp in few days and head straight out to the fields. I’m so happy because I won’t be here for two months. I had to give them all my cloths and everything. They gave me forest green pants and a white tank top in exchange. But my favorite part of the outfit is that I get to wear these cool black army boots. At home I always were combat boots and boots in general. I’m a tomboy so this is like a dream come true. Today I’m working out with my two new friends I made here, Matt and Jason Berry, just like me they might be leaving earlier. They’re twin brothers and I love to hangout with them here. I know it’s a shock right, I actually have friends here. They came in the same day I did so we connected right away. They told me that they work for a band and that they just wanted a break for a while so they enlisted into the army. They both have brown/hazel eyes and brown hair.

“Ash, what are you doing later tonight?” Jason asked.

“I’m thinking about just relaxing tonight. I mean we might be leaving soon to go to war. We need to relax while we still can.” I said while lifting a 60lbs. weight.

“Yeah I guess you’re right Nick. So have anyone of you guys got a letter from home yet?” Matt asked.

“Bro you know we got a letter from home. Hell we get a letter from home everyday. But what about you Ash?” He asked laughing at his brother’s idiotic question.

“Well, no I haven’t but that’s really not a big surprise for me. But anyway why did you guys need a break from working from your band?” I asked. They never told me about their band ever. I wonder if it’s big or if they are lying about it.

“Well, we just needed a break of lifting things and selling merch. We were, or should I say are, roadies for a band called a7x.” Matt started.

“Yeah I say we should say are. I know it’s funny to say we needed a break of lifting things when right now we are. But anyway like Matt said we work for Avenged Sevenfold and we just wanted to help make our world safe. So here we are now.” Jason finished while also finishing lifting weights.

“Haha, you guys are so funny. But that’s so cool you work for Avenged Sevenfold. I love that band so much. But my reason for joining is the same as both of yours. I want to make the world a better place and stop all the suffering.” I said.

“Hey what’s your family like?” Jason asked curiously.

“Yeah you never tell us about your family while we tell you almost everything about ours.” Matt stated.

“Well if you really want to know it’s very bad.” So I told them about my family and how they treated me like crap. By the end they were almost in tears. And let me tell you something it’s funny seeing grown men crying. So I couldn’t hold in my giggles so I finally let them out. When I did they just looked at me strangely.

“Why are you laughing when you just told us that you were abused?” they asked in unison.

“B-because you…should see… yourselves. Your both grown men crying.” I was now full out crying and tears are rolling down my face. Once they saw me they started to laugh. After a little bit we heard someone clear their throat.

“Excuse me,” that person said. We all looked up and our eyes widen when we say Lt. Smith with an angry look.

“Sir, sorry sir” we all said.

“That’s ok but you all need to report to the head.” With that he left as sudden as he came. And we left after him heading to General Kidman’s office.

General Kidman’s office

“Please be seated all three of you.” He said. Matt and Jason sat down in the green plushy chairs saving a seat in between them.

“Sir, yes sir.”

“Ok. I called you here because I’m sure you knew that I was thinking of letting you leave early.” We all nodded our heads yes. “Good because we have been deciding this matter and reached our conclusion.”

“Sir if I may interrupt. But why do you think we’re ready for this?” I asked.

“Well Anderson, you are a human genius and you are very gifted. From the first day I saw you I knew you were the one. As for the Berry brothers, I thought both of you were hard working and could achieve anything you set your mind too. Now back to what I was saying was that the three of you are going to war in two days. Berry brother’s you’re going to war in Iraq but only are going to be there for a year. But you Ms. Anderson you’re going to Iraq for I don’t know how long. If you have any questions come to either Lt. Smith or me.”

“Sir thank you sir.” Then we all left with smiles on our faces. I will finally make the world a better place for all the future kid, I thought.


When we got back to the bunks it was mail time. I knew I wouldn’t get a letter so I headed to my top bunk. One of the things we did in this bunks was that we all tell each other what the letters say. The mail mans name is Joe.

“Matt Berry, Jason Berry, Harry, John, Tina, Jason Berry, Matt Berry…and last Ashley.” I looked down at Joe and was confused. I mean you would too if you got a letter after weeks in this place and nobody at home who loves you. So I got up and walked over to Joe to grab the letter. It was thin and the return address is the one that got me.

Andrew Anderson
1234 Dreary rd.
Baltimore, MD 21204

I couldn’t believe he was the one sending me something. I looked at Matt and Jason for help. I didn’t want to read it. Matt walked over to me and looked at who sent it and saw it was from my brother. He hugged me and left me alone but dragged Jason out with him. Once everyone was gone I opened the letter.

Dear Ashley,
I know you are wondering about this and why I’m writing you but I wanted to say I’m sorry. Sorry for all that I have done and that if you have gotten this letter I’m either almost dead or dead. I told mom to send this to you if something was to happen to me. But back to what I was going to say I’m sorry for what I did. I wish I never went along with what mom was doing to you but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Now I see it, you weren’t the one that was driving drunk and you weren’t the one who took dad’s life away. But now it’s too late. This is the start of the letters. I’m going to send you one letter a year and the final letter has a big secret in it that mom and dad never told you. They were going to on your eighteenth birthday but mom changed so much after dad died. So this is bye for now.
Very Sorry,

I couldn’t believe this. But I accept his apology and everything he did to me is forgiven. But now thanks to him when I’m at war I’m going to be wondering what the secret is. I can’t believe him though I mean he knew this would be on my mind forever. But what happened to him, is he hurt or died? Did mom kill him? I’ll never know now since I’m far away and I’m going to go to Iraq in a few days for who knows how long. How long that reminds me of the song “How Long by Red Hot Chili Peppers”

“How long, how long will I slide
Separate my side
I don’t, I don’t believe its bad
Slitting my throat its all I ever...”
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I know it's been awhile since I've written anything. The reasons behind this is because I'm a senior in high school so I've been working on college applications since August and just now finished. I also have been going to colleges for interviews and that takes a large chunk of my time. A friend of mine is in critical condition right now and I've been trying to help his family, so that's the main reason I haven't been on Mibba for a while now. But I'm kinda back I just need to continue to write this story out, I have plans for it but I just need to get there. Thanks to every one who commented and hung in there on this story.

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