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Until I Make It Home to You

Dear God

Few weeks later

In order for me to sleep at night I had to cry myself to sleep or had one of the Berry brothers hold me to sleep. I couldn’t stand the sights anymore. I now know what Amy was trying to tell me by preparing me for the sights ahead of me. All I could think about was that I was a murderer. I killed countless amount of people and I saw tons of people and friends die in front of me. I knew when I get back home I would need to see someone for help. I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing right now. Well right now we’re taking a break and waiting for the mail to come. I’m expecting a letter from Andrew today. It would be number two out of five letters. I’m also hoping I would get a letter from Liberty. She made me so happy when she told me I’m her hero at the airport and I still wear her bracelet she gave me to this day I never took it off even when I sleep. John, the mail soldier, just came into our tent area and he’s holding a lot of mail.

“Ok, there are two for Matt B. and Jason B., Beth, Anna, Mike…” I stopped listening and just thought of when I get home I want a nice big ice cream. A chocolate chip cookie dough with Chocolate and Carmel sauce on top. I know, I’m random sometimes but you love me for it.
“And finally two for Ashley,” then he left after tossing me my letters. I looked at the first letter and it was from Liberty. I smiled when I opened it and it said,

Dear Ashley,

I just wanted to say that it was really cool meeting and talking to you at the airport. You were so nice to me; even though I’m just a kid you treated me like I’m someone. I just wanted to let you know that I pray for you every night before I go to bed and at school. Kids at my school thinks I’m weird and think I’m making you up. But all I need to know is that I know that I talked to you. You’re my hero and you’ll always be my hero. Write to me when you can and I hope my bracelet is a good luck to help the Liberty of our nation.

Your friend,

Liberty ☺

I smiled more after I read it. I know when I get my next break I’ll write her back when I could. But right now we only have time to read letters, next break I will have time to actually write her. But anyway I looked at the next letter and it was from Andrew like I thought it would be from. It said:

Dear Ashley,

I know I probably scared you in the first letter I sent you. But I’m not dead or hurt I was just teasing you. I know it wasn’t nice but I thought you would find it funny but I guess not. Anyway I got your letter and I’m glad you accepted my apology. You are now a step closer in knowing the big secret that our family has been keeping from you for years. I’m not going to tell you in this letter or the next. But I will tell you this; in each letter until the last one I will tell you one clue. This letter’s clue is, when you get home everything you see to be true will be a lie. I’m sorry but that’s all I can say right now.

Until next time,


I can’t believe this, everyone knows I hate riddles and stuff like that. I can never figure it out; I mean come on. What do I see that’s true but it’s a lie. It could be that dad never died. But that can’t be it I saw it on the news days later. What could it be? I asked myself. Ok, well I guess I’ll send him a letter after I send Liberty her letter, that could be days from now but I’ll try my best.

A week later

I finally have time to write to Liberty and Andrew. This past week has been really hard, no one has had time for a break. Word got around about a bombing that was in town so we were on look out for days until it happened. Yet everyday is still the same, I keep seeing all the blood shed, the lifeless bodies lying on the ground, some I knew some I didn’t. All of this has taken a toll out of me and the Berry’s have seen this but don’t say a thing. I asked Matt if he could spare me two blank pages, two envelopes, and a pen so I could start writing fast. First up is my dear Liberty.

Dear Liberty,

I’m ecstatic that you think of me as your hero. It means so much to me just hearing that and that you are praying for me. Don’t let all the kids doubt you, as long as we know the truth let them think anything they want to. That bracelet you gave me has been a lucky charm. I’ve been wearing it every day and haven’t taken it off once. Just remember I will always fight for your liberty.

Yours truly,


Once I written it I sealed it into the envelope, and started to write Andrew’s letter.

Dear Andrew,

That was not kind at all you jerk. I was worried sick about you, and all for a stupid joke. I wish you would just tell me the big secret, you know how much I hate puzzles and riddles. Yet, just being able to hear from you, even if it’s once a year, is nice. But one question, what isn’t true? I keep going over everything in my mind but nothing pops up.

Love you,


One year later

It’s been one year since I fought in this war. I’m starting to get use to seeing the sights of dead people and comrades. Even though it’s bad that I’m getting use to it, I really do need help.
Today is the day Jason and Matt leave to go home. I’m going to miss them badly; they were the only way I could sleep when I could cuddle up to them. Now I have to cry myself to sleep. At least they can get away from these sights, I still have a few more years of this or unless this ends early. I know the chances are slim to none but a girl can hope. Other then killing people and writing Liberty and Andrew back I haven’t done anything. Right now I’m at the bus saying goodbye to Jason and Matt.

“Bye guys, make sure you keep safe and write to me,” I said crying.

“We will, and make sure you come home in one piece please Ash,” Jason said while wiping my tears away with his thumb.

“Yeah and we won’t forget you. We’ll try and write as much as we can. But like Jason said please keep safe and once you can come home try and find us so we can see each other again,” Matt said. The bus driver then yelled at them to hurry up so we all hugged one last time before I watched them drive away from battle for the last time. And maybe from me for the last time, maybe I won’t see them again or maybe I will you never know.

Days later Matt POV

After two long bus rides and a long plane ride we were finally back home in Huntington Beach, California. I was so happy and I could tell Jason was happy to be back too. But I could also tell my twin was upset; I knew that he misses Nick because I know I miss her. When we got off the plane we walked down to baggage claim to grab our bags and wait to find out who’s picking us up. I was so tired after that journey so I didn’t see Jimmy when he came up to us.

“Hey Matt, Hey Jason, are you guys ready to get the hell out of this place?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah I know I’m, so what are the other guys up too?” I asked while we grabbed our duffle bag and walked to Jimmy’s black Escalade.

“Nothing much, they’re just at home getting ready for you to come home. We’ve been looking forward to this for a while. But other than that we are starting up our new album,” he said. The rest of the car ride home, Jason and I fell asleep and Jimmy just tapped a beat on the steering wheel.

Few hours later

We were finally home. I’m so happy I could finally say that. When we parked Jimmy decided he would get our bags for us so we could just go inside and relax with the guys. So we left everything to Jim and we went inside to find everyone there. When I say everyone I mean Matt, Johnny, Syn, and Zacky. Jason jumped onto the couch while I just jumped on top of him laughing with the guys. It’s good to be home.

“Hey Matt and Jason, so how was it?” Johnny asked us.

“It was interesting. We met some new friends, but the scenes and sights were just awful,” I started but stopped when I started to think about Nick. Jason must have noticed because he finished for me.

“It was hard at first but we got use to it. But let us tell you it was life changing. We now see that some parts of the world aren’t as safe and good as ours and the challenges the soldiers have,” Jason finished.

“Wow man, it must have been tough to see all the bodies and kill people,” Zacky and Syn said together.

“So tell us about your friends,” Matt said and I decided to answer this one.

“Well our main friend was Ashley. I called her Nick while Jason called her Ash. She joined a day before us. The three of us were the only ones that got to leave training early. So we stuck together like glue. When Jason left to go to battle first she and I hung out and talked and all that shit. Then when I left she was all alone until the next day. She told me she loves you guys and your music. She’s blonde with blue eyes and a lot of piercing, and she showed me her tattoo that she has of the deathbat. Sadly she has to stay overseas for a couple more years until she can come home. Other than that I didn’t meet anyone else,” I said.

“Yeah, we promised we would write to her since she doesn’t have any one except Liberty a girl that called her a hero at the airport and her brother Andrew,” Jason continued.

“Wow,” all the guys said with wide eyes. The rest of the night consists of watching movies and relaxing.

Later that night

Later that night before I went to bed I decide to pray to God. Dear God, I ask of you to help guild Ashley to safety and to keep her safe. Amen. Once I got into bed that pray reminded me of the song Matt wrote for an album, the songs called “Dear God”.

Dear God the only thing I ask of you
Is to hold her when I'm not around
When I'm much too far away
We all need that person who can be true to you
But I left her when I found her
And now I wish I'd stayed
'Cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
I'm missing you again, oh no
Once again

At war couple days later

Normal POV

It’s been awhile since Matt and Jason left. I missed snuggling up to them at night. Now all I do at night is cry until I fall asleep or until morning comes. That’s the only time I show any emotions now. I can’t wait until I get home so I can see them again.
♠ ♠ ♠
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