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Until I Make It Home to You


A year later

I’ve now been at war for two years, two very long and lonely years. Matt and Jason sent me letters every month until recently. I’m not sure what happened but I always replied to their letters. They always said the same things like how are you and what is it like now. I don’t get why they’re not answering my letters but I have to forget them. Liberty is still the girl that calls me her hero. She still writes to me every month. I think her school is doing a program that you have to write to a soldier. I’m just happy that she thinks of me as a hero. It’s the only thing that now keeps me alive. I don’t see myself as a hero, I see myself as a cold hearted killer.

Andrew’s yearly letter should be coming this month. I’m looking forward to this year’s clue. I still haven’t been able to figure it out yet and it’s been distracting me in battle. When I say distracted I mean I almost got shot five times. Right now I’m trying to shot this one guy that killed the man next to me. His name is was Max. He was really nice to me and protected me at night. Once I finally shot the man in his heart I thought of all the people who broke my heart, Mom, Dad, Andrew, Amy, Matt, Jason, and finally all the Avenged Sevenfold guys. I don’t really blame Avenged Sevenfold but they were the cause for Jason and Matt not sending me letters. Speaking of letters John came up to me holding one letter. It’s from Andrew, now for my clue to what this riddle is, I thought opening the letter.

Dear Ashley,

I’ve been watching the news lately about the war you’re in. Every time a name pops up of those who die I keep thinking ‘I hope she’s not on it today’, thankfully you never are. So that either means you are alive, captured, or dead and not found. I really hope you’re alive. Now back to what this letter is for. This year’s clue is you know the tune yet the beat flows through your body. I know it’s not like my other clues but it’s just as important. I want to let you know that you are my hero and keep fighting for our freedom.

Yours truly,


Ok that is the most useful clue ever, not. Now I have to figure that out and fight in this bloody war. I wish someone would send me a sign. And let me tell you this they did, right in my leg. I fell to the floor holding my leg to try to stop the bleeding. Mike, who was next to me, picked me up and ran me to the clinic to get me help. But along the way I pasted out.

Sometime later

I started to wake up and I noticed I was in a hospital. White walls, white tile floor, everything in the room is white. I think the only reason they pick white is to make you question if you are alive or not. Mike was next to me and noticed I was up. “Thank God you’re awake. You should be luck that I got you here just in time. They said that you don’t have any problems only that you will have a scar. Washington wants you back in battle tomorrow. She thinks you only need a days rest so I’m just going to go back with you tomorrow.”

“Ok that’s fine,” I said quietly. I still couldn’t believe this was my sign. Maybe I was meant to stay at war or maybe I was meant to die.

One week later

I was getting back to the tents to rest for the night when John came up to me handing me a letter. I looked at it and smiled. Man I haven’t smiled in so long. It had to be when the Berry brothers where still here, I thought as I looked at Liberty’s handwriting.

Dear Ashley,

This month at school we got assigned a project. It’s a project about a person we look up to as a hero. So I decided to write about you. So I’ll be sending you a letter every week asking some questions for you. The two I thought of today are: what’s your favorite thing to do? and Why did you decide to become a soldier? When you get a chance can you write back? Oh, and my parents said thank you for your kind letters to me. I really appreciate what you’re doing for our country and I would like you to know you are my hero.


Liberty (aka Libby)

I decided since I had time to myself tonight I would just write to her back. I still can’t understand why she thought I was a hero. If she saw what I’m doing she would think I’m a murderer. I know I do. So I grabbed a pen and paper to write to her back.

Dear Libby,

That project sounds like fun. When you’re done with it could you send me a copy I would love to read it? You can ask me how many questions you want and anytime you want, it’s not like I’m going anywhere. My favorite things to do when I was back home was singing, playing the drums, and drawing. I use to be a great musician before I came here but I still draw when I have free time. The reason I became a soldier was because I didn’t want anyone to suffer. I wanted to free everyone from harm and try not to let kids like you grow up in a world of war. And also I loved the uniform but don’t tell anyone. I can’t wait to hear from you more.


Ashley (Aka Nicky, Nick, or Ash)

When I finished it I found John and asked him to send it for me. Then I walked back to my tent and got ready for bed then like every night I cried myself to sleep.

A few days later in battle

I’m getting tired of all this I’m a hero shit. I mean I’m happy they think that but really I don’t feel like I’m saving people’s lives. I feel like I’m killing for the fun of it or I’m being selfish by killing just to save my own life. I keep getting letters from Libby asking me questions on who my hero is and all that jazz. I’m still trying to decipher what Andrew was saying but him and his riddles always stump me. I mean come on he tells me something I know is true isn’t and I have to find my family when their moving then he tells me I feel the beat and the tune. That could mean anything for fucks sake; it could mean I’m a singer and/or drummer. Any way I’m still battling to save my life thinking of the Berry brothers and Avenged. I hope their thinking about me too, I thought.

In California Jason’s POV

It’s been a year, a very long year without Ashley. I miss her and I feel bad I haven’t written to her. We’ve been on tour with the guys and Matt has been busy with merch and I’ve been busy with the instruments. I feel really bad that we broke our promise, we forgot to write every month. Matt S. was with me right now playing around.

“Hey Jason, come on man watch the movie. Stop thinking about the chick,” he yelled at me. I still couldn’t help it the more I try to stop thinking about her the more I do. I’m not sure about my bro but right now I wish I was still at war.

“Sorry man, I can’t help it. If you ever meet her you wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her either,” I said still thinking about her. To me she will always be my hero, even if I couldn’t be there with her to hold her or stand by her, I thought. Suddenly Hero by Enrigue Iglesias started to play on the radio.

Now would you die,
For the one you love?
Hold me in your arms, tonight.

I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.
♠ ♠ ♠
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