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Until I Make It Home to You


Two years later

Finally it’s almost time for me to return home, wherever that may be. I currently have five more months left to serve my country then freedom at last; I can’t wait! I could jump for joy right now at the thought, but I’m with my new partner Jim. We are assigned a mission to scoop out a small town outside of our campgrounds. Walking through the down, I noticed something doesn’t feel right.

Jim was the first to react, and started shooting at two guys, and I joined him after a second delay. While we were shooting I saw from the corner of my eye another guy running up and aiming at Jim. Before I could stop to think, I jumped in front of Jim and took the bullet in my arm. Another shot rang in the air and I felt pain in my leg. Then once again another shot came at me, this time in my shoulder. The pain was unbearable, even when I screamed my head off; there was no stopping me. Jim couldn’t help me until he shot the three masked men. I couldn’t hold on any more so I greeted the darkness with open arms.

In Ashley’s head

To say that I was smart and thought about my actions, is saying a big fat lie. I wasn’t smart at all and I didn’t think when I jumped in front of Jim. I could be dead at this very moment and I wouldn’t know until he bright light engulfs me. The only thought running through my mind at the moment is that maybe I am a hero for saving Jim. Maybe all those people are right, we all
are heroes. Then I thought of the song “Shot by The Rasmus”.

we'll find our peace

somewhere across the seas?

enough of the fright

enough of the fuss

I'll be awake if he finds us

needless to say

I'll stand in your way

I will protect you

and I...

I'll take the shot for you

I'll be the shield for you

needless to say

I'll stand in your way

I'll take the shot for you

I'll give my life for you

I'll make it stop

I'll take the shot for you

for you

Sometime later




Ok, have you ever wonder why they make them so damn loud. I mean a hospital is meant for rest and recovery but the beeping sound just ruins it, I thought. I tried to get up but I was held down by something. I opened my eyes to see my right arm in a cast along with my right shoulder. Once my vision returned back to normal I saw my left leg had a huge cast on it. Man, can I ever get a break, I thought just as a doctor came into my room.

“Hello miss, my name is doctor James. Now when you were brought here you had three bullet wounds and unconscious.”

“Ok, I know that but what happen to Jim?” I asked

“The man you were with brought you here. He wasn’t hurt at all, from what I could see. Can you tell me your name so we can contact any relatives you have?” he asked me. I don’t know where my mom or Andrew is so I can’t tell him where they are, I thought.

“My name is Ashley Anderson,” I replied still thinking about the letter I received from Andrew last year.

*Flashback one year ago*

I just received another letter from Andrew today. There is going to be one more letter and that letter will tell me the big secret.

Dear Ashley,

Well this letter is going to be short. I’m only going to tell you the clue then I have to go. This year’s clue is: It may be cold here but on the other side is warm and sunny.

Wish you luck,


Thoughts filled my mind, all of the clue trying to decipher them all. Then this short letter, wondering if Andrew is giving me up or is sick of me already. I have a feeling that he won’t talk to me again after the last letter.

*End of Flashback*

The letter may be short but after that I never got another letter. I’m starting to think he never thought of the last letter. I decided I needed some rest so I went to sleep thinking of all the clues.

California POV Jimmy

Today is not my day at all. First when I woke up this morning I fell off the bed, which lead to me hitting my head on the wooden floor. Next I got a phone call from my mom but I couldn’t answer it because I couldn’t find my phone. I never get a call from my mom, so now I’m worried that something bad had happened. I decided to call her back before I have to meet up with the guys. After the third ring she answered.

“Hey Mom.”

“Hello James, I have something important to tell you. You might need to sit down for this,” she said. I did what she said and sat down. The guys wont mind if I’m late, I thought.

“Ok mom, I’m sitting down so tell me the news.”

“Well 23 years ago I had a baby girl, who is your little sister. I couldn’t take care of her because you were a handful when you were three. Your dad lost his job then, so we couldn’t afford another child at the time. So I put her up for adoption, after a long talk with your dad,” she sounded like she was crying while she told me this news.

“Wow, so you’re telling I have a little sister out in the world?” I asked still confused.

“Yes, her adoptive parents called me a while ago and told me she left to go on tour and to hope we would take care of her when she comes back this year. So I know I didn’t ask you but I said yes. I was hoping you would take care of her and let her live with you,” mom desperately asked me.

“Sure mom I’ll do that for you. When does she come back home? What’s her name”

“First her name is Ashley and next she comes back on in May on her birthday. That or if she gets injured she will come home earlier,” she answered. Hurt, how can you get hurt on tour? I asked myself but then thought of the time I was chasing Johnny around the stage and accidently fell of.

“Mom I need to go now. I need to meet the guys soon to talk. I’ll call you soon. Bye.”

“Bye,” she hung up while I ran to my car and sped down the road towards the guys house.
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