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The Voice Within

Ronnie's life is falling apart. Her dad seems to be getting even more and more angry these, days and when he gets angry, he takes it out on her. Only Liz, her best friend knows about her abusive father. When Liz dies, in a tragic car accident Ronnie refuses to believe it. Liz can't have died, that's impossible. Ronnie can still hear Liz's voice in her head, telling her what to do helping her when she needs it. Suddenly everything seems like its going to be alright again. With liz she can do anything. With liz, Ronnie has the guts to stand up to the bullies at school. With Liz only, Ronnie has the bravery to stand up to her father, but then with Liz does Ronnie have the power to kill?

Title credit: Christina Aguilera