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Hate This Part


Amy Lynn Lee.

What do you see when you look at this misunderstood beauty?





Emo, maybe?

Her truth hides behind her beaten heart.

And no one would believe her way of escaping her horrid life.

Only one knows her truth, her best friend.

Ryan Ross

Only one catches her heart.

Pete Wentz.

Only one will hurt her so badly.

Brendon Urie.


A Brendon Urie/Amy Lee Story

I do not own any of the bands mentioned in this story, but I do own the plot, so please- NO STEALING
  1. Dreams
    Amy's POV
  2. Bribes
    Amy's POV
  3. White Couches
    Amy's POV
  4. Interrogated
    Amy's POV
  5. Strange
    Author's POV
  6. Lies
    Amy's POV
  7. Play Those Drums
    Amy's POV
  8. Friends Or Whatever You Call Them
    Amy's POV