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Hate This Part


I turned my head towards the familiar voice and plastered a small smile to my face.

"Hey, Ryan." My face hurt.

He raised an eyebrow. "You okay?" My heart started beating a little faster. Could he tell?

"Yeah. Definitely." I lied.

I smiled and shoved him playfully, trying to convince him.

The worry left his eyes as he smiled a toothy grin. "Good." He slung his arm over my shoulder casually.

I winced at the sting, but kept the smile on my face.

"So, guess what?" He started excitedly. I looked at him expectantly.

"We got a gig!" He yelled. I gasped.

"You're serious?" I raised my eyebrows. He nodded giddily. "Ryan! I'm so happy for you." I smiled.

He shifted excitedly in his shoes. "Mhm. The rest of the band is, too." I stared at my dirty shoes.



I looked up to see Ryan's curious light brown eyes. "Hm?"

"Is something wrong?' The concern touched his eyes as we walked.

I answered too quickly. "Oh, it's nothing. I just-" I hesitated, trying to think of something. Ryan waited.

"I'm just tired. That's all." I laughed. "Oh, Ryan. You worry too much. Silly goose." I shook my head playfully, convincing him.

It must have worked.

"Yeah." He said, unsure of himself.

Then he turned towards me once more, excited. "Amy, can I ask you a favor?" He asked with a shy grin.

I narrowed my eyes, slyly. "It depends..." I drifted, teasingly.

"Well, you see, today, the guys and I have a practice-" He paused, looking at me.

I raised my eyebrows, indicating him to continue.

"But, Spencer has a cold..." He looked down at his shoes, unsure of himself.

I understood what he was asking. "Aw, Ryan. No!" I whined.

"But you're the only one that knows how to play the drums, 'cept Spence!" He retorted stubbornly.

I shrugged. "But I'm tired." I pouted. "I don't wanna." I said, indignant.

"Aw, c'mon. I'll make it up to you." I looked at him from under my thick lashes, waiting.

"Erm...I'll pick you up after you're done with work." I thought about it. "You won't have to walk anymore." he willed.

I sighed. He knew he got me on the hook, so he smiled.

"Gosh." I said, exasperated.

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