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Hate This Part


Ryan pulled up to my house.

It was 2:30 am, and I had school in the morning. This was normal.

"Thanks for driving me, Ry." I ruffled his hair from the backseat. Brendon was glaring at me in the mirror.

"I hate you Brendon."

"Go to hell."

"Only if you're not there."



"Fu-" Brendon was cut off by an irritated Ryan.


"Ow!" Brendon squealed, rubbing the back of his head.

"Well, I didn't have to if you'd just shut up!" Ryan protested.

I grinned.

"Why do I always get beat up, when she always starts it!?" Brendon cried, incredulously.

I batted my eyelashes and put on a sweet voice. "Me?" I put my hand to my heart. "I would never!"

Brendon rolled his eyes.

I laughed. "Okay, okay. I'm going now." I opened the door and stepped out. The night was cool and breezy. The way I liked it.

"Thank God." Brendon mumbled.

I scowled at him through the window. "Don't hate."

Brendon opened his moth to retaliate, but Ryan spoke first.

"Goodnight, Amy. I'll see you tomorrow at practice." Brendon scowled.

I brushed it off. "Sure. Bye." I closed the door to the old car, stepping over the curb.

I walked off towards the dimly lit front porch of the large house.


I was caught off guard. I shouldn't have been


"Where were you?" The harsh voice growled.

I stiffened. Not now. Please not now.

I couldn't look at him. "I was at work." I mumbled. "You know that."

He grunted. The house smelled of alcohol.


It was silent for a moment. The silence scared me.

"I forbid you to keep working." I snapped my head up, shocked.

His piercing eyes glared at me, testing me. "I-I can't."

If I was ever going to leave this place, I had to make all the money I could make.

Something flickered in his eyes.

Oh, dear God.

Save me.
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