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Hate This Part


It was 4:30pm.

Brendon was was getting antsy.

"Ryan, if Amy doesn't come in the next 5 minutes, we're starting without her." Brendon groaned.

Ryan shifted uncomfortably on the couch in his garage. The equipment was set up.

"She'll be here man." He knew Amy too well. She never went back on her word. Maybe she was taking a shower or something.

They watched the clock tick, sipping Red Bulls.


Tired and hyper, Brendon jumped up from his seat. "I'm calling her." Ryan raised an eyebrow.

"I have to be at the Smoothie Hut at 7. I haven't got all day." he retorted.

Ryan rolled his eyes, sighing in defeat. "Fine. Call her." He tossed his phone towards Brendon, knowing that he didn't have her number.

Brendon opened his mouth to speak, but Ryan cut him off. "And don't be mean to her." He glared.

"Screw you, Ry. I'm not mean. She's just a bitch." Ryan shook his head.

"Just call her. See what's up."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm doing it."

Brendon dialed on the phone, finding Amy's number.

It rang 6 times. No answer.

"She's not picking up, Brendon confirmed.

"Try again."

He tried again.

She picked up on the 4th ring.

"Hello?" The voice was in a hoarse whisper.

Brendon was startled. As much as he disliked this girl, she sounded terrible. "Uhm, It's me. Brendon." He hesitated. "Are you okay?"

Ryan sat up straight on the beat up couch, his face plastered with concern.

The voice on the phone tried to clear her throat, lightening the tone.

"Yeah. Yeah! I'm okay. I'm fine." She said frantically.

Brendon furrowed his eyebrows. Ryan got up and took the phone out of his hands.

"Hey, Amy, It's Ryan. You weren't in school today. Are you coming to practice?"



The voice faltered. "I-I don't wanna walk-there." Ryan was confused.

She started again. "It's a long walk. I-I'm just not feeling up to it, Ryan."

Ryan was really confused. He pushed his light brown hair to the side. Brendon rubbed the back of his neck, waiting.

"You want me to pick you up?" Ryan offered.

"No!" Amy yelled. She cleared her throat again."Sorry. I mean, uhm, no. It's okay. Actually, I think a walk will be nice. Uhm-I'll see you in a few. Bye."

The line was cut.

The two boys stared at each other.

That was strange, even for Amy.
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