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Hate This Part


I was surprised, the least to say, when I heard Brendon's voice on the phone. He was the last person I expected to call.

I sat in front of the mirror, tending to the large bruise on my left eye. About a pound of cover up should do it.

I had to get to Ryan's house, despite my condition.

Had to make sure it looked like everything was normal.

What was normal? Truthfully, I didn't know anymore.

I looked out the window, avoiding putting too much pressure on my right ankle.

I sighed in relief. His car was gone.

I pulled my hair out of it's ponytail, letting it cover the marks on my neck. I pulled on a jacket and slowly made my way down the stairs.

I winced in pain as I faltered on the last step.

How was I going to walk 3 blocks to Ryan's? I had no idea.

I pursed my lips as I stepped over the steep stair in front of the house.

"No pain. No pain." Trying to convince myself.

Three blocks.

Three agonizing blocks.

I had finally made it to Ryan's house, walking up the driveway, into his open garage.

I saw Mrs. Urie across the street waving. I put on my best smile and waved at her.

"Amy, dear! Feel free to come over anytime for cookies! Just made a fresh batch!"

I nodded. "I'll take you up on that offer." I smiled and walked into Ryan's garage.

I bit my bottom lip as I saw Ryan and Brendon sitting on the beat up couch. Brendon look like he was about to fall asleep. Ryan's face was what worried me. His eyes met mine. I looked down avoiding his gaze.

"You're limping." he said, wide eyed.

I bit my lip, thinking of a reasonable response.

He walked over, taking my arm, leading me to the couch. I winced as I sat down.

He looked at me with questioning eyes, Brendon lightly snoring next to me.

I made something up. I couldn't use the excuse I usually used.

"I missed a step when I was climbing the stairs yesterday." I looked at my ankle."Probably sprained it." I stated simply.

His eyes were speculating. "Are you sure?"

I nodded slowly, keeping my gaze at his eyes.

"That's why I didn't come to school. I went to the...the-uhm doctor."

He stared at my ankle, then at me. He sighed, giving in. "If you say so, Amy."

"Of course, Ryan." I said chuckling.

"Why would I ever lie to you?"
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