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Hate This Part

Friends Or Whatever You Call Them

Stay cool.

Stay calm.

Stay collected.

"Pete!" I squealed.

So much for that.

The raven haired boy grinned as I waved my arms frantically for a hug.

He walked over to where I was standing, realizing I couldn't get up.

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III.

Yes, I knew his full name. But. that was only because I stalked every aspect of his life. And I had a huge secret crush on him.

But he didn't know that. And I plan to keep it that way, and suffer in silence as I normally do.

I just made sure to put on the 'just good friends' act every time he was around.

He bent down to wrap is arms around me.

Butterflies were having a party in my stomach.

"Hey Amy." He whispered into my ear.

Woah. Was it getting hot in this garage, or was it just me?

I blushed like a dork. "Hi, Pete." I said shyly.

"Woah. Is Amy blushing? I didn't know demons could blush." Brendon snorted.

I gave an exasperated sigh. "Shut it, Urie!" I swung my hand and the drum stick went flying in his direction. He ducked before it could do any damage.


He stuck his tongue out, immaturely. Ryan took a seat on the couch, relaxing it out after the hyped playing.

"Quit being a douche, Bren." Pete replied, casually draping his arm around me. The tingly feelings overruled the pain of the bruises.

I tried to act as casual as possible.

"Blah to you Pete Wentz." Brendon threw a skittle at him.

I rolled my eyes. Were all boys this immature?

Pete reverted back to his first comment. "You guys were awesome. Just watch. When I make it big in the industry, I'll be sure to sign you guys too." He chuckled. "I mean, if I remember you guys." he joked.

I scrunched my nose. "You're so corny."

"But it's sexy." He smirked.

Eh. He had a point.

"Whatever gets you through the day, kid." I pat his shoulder awkwardly.

He gestured towards my ankle."What happened?"

I looked at my iced ankle, remembering.

"Ah. It's nothing. I just fell."

"Mhm." Pete nodded, dismissing the subject.

I bit my lip. I looked across the room, catching Brendon's expression.

So weird. He looked...odd? His expression, I mean.

Not that I'm saying he's good looking or anything, because it's so obvious that he's not, and I don't look at him in that way, so...yeah. I'll stop now.

Ryan was staring at Brendon, too, confusion all over his face.

I tapped my fingers nervously on my thigh, aware of Pete's arm around me.

Brendon was staring intently at Pete and Ryan at Brendon.

God, was I confused.
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