Forbidden Temptation


"Ouch," I hissed.
His pink, symmetrical lips frowned.
"I'm sowwy," he pouted, "I can't believe he threw you aside!"
I giggled.
His face was contorted in astonishment yet in his eyes there was slight amusement.
"It was necessary at the time," I remembered the secret mission Edward and I had gone through. "He would have crashed with the other vampire if he didn't push me off. Could you imagine how loud of a sound that would have made?"
He sighed, "Still."
Seth let his fingers draw tiny circles around my tailbone. A nasty bruise had formed from the vicious fall I endured back in Volterra. I was now in Washington, in the small town of La Push with Mindy, Shane and the pack. To my surprise, they treated me just like Seth. Family.
"What are you smiling about?" My love asked.
He moved beside me, resting casually on his side, one hand still lightly sitting on top of my tailbone. The heat radiating from his hand was slowly melting away any pain left lingering in the bruised spot.
"Mmm, nothing. I just like my life now," I admitted honestly.
He playful pressed his warm lips to mine, "S'more like it."
I let my fingers spread through the thick grass, "Where is this place, Seth?"
"Not too sure, but Edward and Bella come here sometimes. Edward told me about it, suggested it really."
"It's so peaceful and perfect here," I stretched my back and winced when the tension reached my bruise. "I love this meadow."
"Yeah, I think it's really nice here too."
We enjoyed the natural silence of the meadow. The sunlight beating down on us both was just a second helping of heat.
"Hey," Seth spoke softly, "I almost forgot."
I flipped onto my back, "What's that?"
He held a tattered book up into the sunlight, "Is that Romeo and Juliet?" I asked surprised.
He nodded, "I didn't get a chance to finish it but I know how it ends. When you were on my back, you said apart of Juliet's—"
"Soliloquy. I remember," I smiled at the thought, "I had a copy that I brought to Volterra. I guess I left it there."
Seth smiled even bigger, "That's what I thought. So I thought I'd just..."
"Thank you," I kissed lips sweetly, "for everything."
"Read it?" He asked shyly.
I nodded, " 'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;/ Thou art thyself, though not a Montague...."
I read softly, my voice only rising beyond a whisper when needed, and laid on top of the cool grass until it was too dark to read the pages.


"Come here Mindy," I beckoned my little sister. "Where's your big brother huh?"
She squealed and pointed to Shane talking sports with Jacob, "Back already?"
"Disappointed?" I teased.
"Only a lot," He retaliated.
"Oh, Shane, by the way," I said as I handed Mindy to Emily, who loved Mindy like her own child, "I never told you but you totally played the hell outta that guitar back at the ball."
"Yeah, I forgot about that," Jacob interjected.
"What can I say? When you got, you got it."
I rolled my eyes, "Way to take a compliment."
He stood up. Was he taller?
"Where you goin'?" Jacob asked.
"Out, thinkin' I might get into some trouble. You know, teenage stuff."
"How 'bout you're home by the time Emily finishes dinner."
He grunted, "Fine, but only because Emily's cooking rocks."
I laughed and took a seat next to Seth on the couch.
"I love my life," I sighed.
"Me too," He said with a smile.
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