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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter One

10 Years Ago

"Mommy, I wanna go play in the sandbox!" Rayleigh yelled excitedly at her mom, tugging on the Gucci dress. Her mother swatted her hand off her dress and sighed irrately.

"Sweetie, you'll get your new clothes all dirty." She explained. "Why don't you go swing instead?"
"No! I wanna play in the sandbox! I wanna meet that boy!" Rayleigh insisted, stomping her foot in seven-year-old fashion. The mother rolled her eyes.

"Rayleigh, that's enough. I said no." Her mother told her. "Do as your told."

"NO!" The little girl persisted.

"Fine. Play in the sandbox. But I'm not getting you more clothes today." Her mother told her, giving in, patting her hair. This happened every time Rayleigh wanted something. As an only child, Rayleigh was spoiled rotten, and what she wanted, she got. No matter how messy it may be. The mother sighed and pressed two fingers to her forehead as she watched her daughter run towards the sandbox, feeling a migraine coming on.

As Rayleigh ran to the sandbox, she sat in front of the boy with dissheveled dark hair and pretty eyes. She smiled friendlily, and offered him her hand.

"Hi. I'm Rayleigh. You can be my new friend."

The boy looked at her, curiosity in his eyes. "I'm Brian." He told her cautiously. She smiled and shook his hand.

"Whatcha buildin'?" she questioned him. He was about five inches taller than herself, and a few years older. He smiled.

"A castle." He replied. "Wanna help me?"

"Sure! I love castles!" she replied, grabbing the purple plastic shovel sitting beside her." She began building a few towers, and before long, the entire sandbox was a carefully built sandcastle, complete with a courtyard, a stable, four towers, and, of course, a swimming pool. She smiled.

"It looks kinda like my house." She realized, studying it carefully as she stood beside the taller boy.

"Really?" Brian asked her. "Your house is like a castle?"

"Yeah. It's too big." Rayleigh replied, wrinkling her nose. "And too clean."

"How can a house be too clean?" Brian scoffed. Rayleigh looked toward her mother, then leaned in to whisper in Brian's ear.

"'Cuz my mommy hates dirt. She got really mad when I wanted to come and play with you. I bet she won't bring me to the park again for a real long time." She whispered urgently. He chuckled, and ruffled her hair.

"I'm sure she'll bring you back soon. She's got to. We're friends now, right?" He told her. She smiled and nodded eagerly.

"Yeah. We're friends, Brian. Forever."

"What school are you at?" he asked her. "I go to Grasper Elementary."

"So do I!" Rayleigh said excitedly. "But that's just 'cuz Daddy thinks I'm already too spoiled."

"Rayleigh, sweetie, it's time to go! Say goodbye to your friend!" Her mother called impatiently. Rayleigh huffed, then turned back to Brian.

"I'll see you later, Brian." She said, hugging him. He smiled and hugged her back.

"See ya later, Ray."

"Ray?" She questioned.

"Yeah. 'Cuz Rayleigh takes too long to say." Brian grinned. She smiled.

"Nobody ever calls me anything but my full name. You're the only one who calls me Ray. I like it." she told him. He laughed.

"Rayleigh, if you don't come here right now, you won't be riding today." Her mother threatened. The little girl smiled.

"Bye, Brian." She said as she skipped off back to her mother.
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