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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Twelve

"I'm here to see Matt Sanders and Brian Haner, Jr." Rayleigh said when she walked to the front desk of the bleak jail. The guard looked up, and then looked back down at a piece of paper.

"You'll have to be searched." He said. "Are you sure it's worth the hassle?"

"I want to see them, Sir." She insisted, memories of that night from so long ago coming back to her. Why did she have to remember the painful memories? Like the one when she'd been arrested for taking Jimmy's pot from him to keep him safe.

"Fine. Follow me." The guy said. She did, and when she was searched, she was led to a room with a beaten up table.

"You've got fifteen minutes." The man told her as Brian and Matt were led in. When they saw her, their eyes lit up.

"Hey guys, how are you doing?" She asked gently. She saw a cut above Matt's eye. "What happened?"

"Just a scrabble." He said, pushing the subject aside quickly. "How are you doing?"

"I was thinking of running away again, but figured it would be pointless. They'd just find me again. I can hardly wait until next month." She said. "Then I can legally move out."

"Ray, you didn't need to come here. Your parents could find out." Brian said. She looked at him, and then back at Matt. She still wasn't sure how she felt about Brian anymore. Realizing that she was confused, he dropped it.

"It's fine." She said. "They can't take away my rights to see you, even if it is only for fifteen minutes a day."

"It's a good thing Jimmy was wrong about you. This place wouldn't suit you." Matt said, smiling.

"What do you mean, Jimmy?" She asked, confused.

"He always thought you'd end up in jail over one of us in one way or the other. And you'd have to be taken to a maximum security prison because you'd kick everybody's ass." He joked. She smiled, and rolled her eyes.

"Figures. Jimmy's like that."

"How's Val doing?" Matt asked her. She smiled.

"She misses you. A lot. She keeps calling the cops and yelling at them about arresting you. That's why they won't let her come see you." Rayleigh told him. Matt's eyes dulled a little, but he still grinned.

"Tell her I love her?" He asked. She laughed.

"Of course." She agreed. "You know I will, Matt. But I'll let you know a secret."


"She already knows. She told me to tell you the same thing."

"I'm sorry about the whole hitman thing." Matt said. Just then, Brian spoke.

"Go to my house and tell my Dad to give you the recorder." He told her. She looked at him, confused.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Just do it. It could help us all out." He said. "Remember when I told you that I recorded your Dad telling me he'd hired a hitman on you if I kept talking to you?"

"Yeah?" She asked. "I didn't believe you."

"I gave the only tape to my Dad for safekeeping."

"Papa Gates isn't pissed at me, right?" She asked, worried. The Haner family had always been the family she hadn't had, and she didn't want to think that they were mad at her.

"Of course not. He understands what happened." Brian reassured her. She looked at the clock, and noticed there were only three minutes left until she had to leave for the day.

"I promise I'll get you guys out of here and out of this mess. I don't care what it takes." She told them, her voice breaking. Matt put his hand on hers.

"It'll be okay, Ray. I know you'll do your best." He said.

"You guys, I'm so sorry!" She sobbed. "This is all my fault!"

"Don't do that, now. It's gonna make me cry." Brian joked.

"And that's not good for a jail reputation, Ray." Matt insisted. "Now please, stop crying."

"I c-can't help it!" She insisted. The cop walked back into the room.

"Time's up." He said coldly. Rayleigh stood up.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." She promised, wiping the tears out of her eyes. She walked away, not looking back because she didn't want to cry even more than she already was.
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