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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Eighteen

When Brian and Rayleigh finally got back to his house, dropping Matt off at Val's house so they could be together for awhile, it was almost dark. Brian led the way to his bedroom, and he opened the door for her. When she was inside, he shut the door so his parents would know not to come in and disturb them.

"I know I've said it a million times already, Bri, but I really am sorry that you had to go to jail on account of me." She blurted out when he sat on the bed next to her. He smiled, and shook his head.

"Don't be. It really wasn't that terrible." Brian told her, lying. He didn't want to worry her more than she already was. She must not have believed him, however, because she gave him a dubious look.

"Brian. You have a cut on your cheek and bruises everywhere." She informed him. "You can't say it wasn't that terrible. I know you better than that."

He grinned, and gave in. "Fine, you're right. But don't be sorry about it. There's nothing you can do to change it, so it's best just to accept it, okay?"

"It's my fault." She told him. He put his hands on the sides of her face so she had to look him in the eyes. Like every other time he'd ever made her look him in the eye, she blushed.

"Ray, I don't hold you responsible. I hold that excuse of an asshole father responsible. So stop blaming yourself, because Matt and I don't, and never will, blame you."

"Why?" She asked. He looked at her incredulously.

"Because you're far too good of a person to be blamed." He told her honestly. "And now we need to have that talk."

"You're right, we do." She agreed. "Why did you just stop talking to me? Other than my dad, of course."

He sighed, and it was obvious this was something he didn't want to tell her. She could see him playing it over in his mind, debating whether or not he was going to refuse to answer the question, but then he spoke. "Because I was going to be too old to date you within a year." He admitted. "And that would have gotten us both into a heaping pile of steaming shit. Especially with your parents."

"And what's so different now?" She asked him, understanding his reasons. He looked at her and smiled.

"There's two reasons. The first being that I still love you and I couldn't handle being away from you anymore. And the second being that you're close enough to eighteen now that we won't get in trouble."
"" She asked, in shock. He'd never told her he loved her before, but now it wasn't so hard to believe. He nodded, and scooted closer to her.

"Yes. I love you." He told her, holding her hands. "And now nothing is going to stop me from being here with you."

She just smiled at him, and hugged him. "I love you too, Brian." She told him. Then she looked at him, not blushing for the first time in their complicated relationship, and kissed him. She'd forgotten what a good kisser he was, and for a minute she was taken aback. Then she kissed him back, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.
"My parents are here." He murmured to her, breaking the kiss for a minute. She smiled.

"You think they'd get upset?"

"Probably not." He told her, kissing her lips and then travelling slowly down her neckline. She propped herself up on her knees, and he held her hips with his hands to keep her steady. He gently nipped at her neck, and she gasped in surprise, squeezing his back with her hands. He grinned into her neck and then lifted his head when he heard the door slam open.

"Oh. My. God." Jimmy's voice said in shock. "Dude, I'm sorry. I'll come back later, okay?"

"Uh, no, you can stay, Jimmy." Rayleigh said, blushing three shades of red. Brian sighed impatiently, and then let her scoot off of his lap.

"You have the worst timing of all of us, Jimmy." He told his friend, who still looked shocked.

"I'm...I can't believe it. You two are back together now?" He asked.

"Well, duh." Rayleigh answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Jimmy smiled.

"I'm glad. As much as I like Val, her sister was a pain in the ass."
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