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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Twenty

"Guys, it's like, 2 in the morning." Val complained loudly as the guys sat sprawled around Brian's bedroom, still reminiscing. Everybody looked at their cell phones, then groaned.

"And I suppose we couldn't just crash here?" Johnny asked. Lacey elbowed him in the gut.

"Not unless you guys feel like being an audience." Brian joked to them, earning a glare from Rayleigh. He looked at her and smiled. "What? You know it's true, Ray."

"That doesn't mean they have to be let in on our private life." She told him. He smiled and ruffled her hair.

"We'll head out." Matt said, picking up Val in his arms because she was about ready to pass out.

"Why don't you ever carry me like that?" Lacey asked Johnny pointedly. He grinned.

"Because I'm too short to carry somebody." He told her. "It's a handicap."

"No, shortshit. You use it as a crutch." She told him. He looked fake hurt.

"My, Lacey. Did you actually just call him shortshit?" Jimmy asked, standing up. "Ow. My ass is asleep."

"Yes, I called him a shortshit." Lacey told him. "And he deserved it."

"Come on, we're going. See you guys tomorrow. We'll be over bright and early." Matt promised as they walked out of the room.

"If you do, I refuse to take responsibility for any harmful actions on Brian's part." Rayleigh spoke. Everybody laughed quietly because Suzie was already in bed.

"Fine. Ten's not so early anyways.

"I guess not." Brian said as they all left. When he heard the front door quietly close, he looked at Rayleigh, who was pulling her T shirt off.

"What?" She asked with a smile. "I can't just sleep in my T shirt and jeans."

"Woman! You know exactly what you're doing." He grumbled, walking across the room and kissing her lips. She smiled, but stepped back.

"It's a little late, isn't it...Syn?" She grinned. "There's always tomorrow night. And the night after. And so on and so forth."

"But I want you right now." He whined like a two year old. She couldn't help but laugh.

"You'll have to wait. We're both exhausted, and we have to get up early."

"Why?" He asked her. She smiled.

"Because I told your mom I'd help her out in the garden, and you know how she is. It has to be done in the morning." She explained. He grumbled again.

"Mom could wait until the day after tomorrow, you know." He offered.

"And then there would be millions of insects." Rayleigh said dramatically. He chuckled this time.

"Can I at least sleep in the bed with you?" He asked her.

"Duh. It's not like I'm making you sleep on the floor or anything." She replied, crawling into the left side of the bed. He looked at her with a pout.

"What?" She asked, confusion written on her face.

"I usually sleep on the left side." He explained as he crawled in the right side and pulled her close. She smiled.

"Well you'll have to deal. I'm sure later you'll get an even trade off." She explained. Just then, her phone went off, and she looked at it tiredly.

"Who'd be calling at 2:30 AM?" He asked her.

"Probably one of the guys." She replied, opening the phone without checking the caller ID.

"Rayleigh?" Her mother's frantic voice asked. She sat up in the bed, instantly alert.

"Mom? What's wrong? Are you okay?" She asked rushedly. She heard her mother's sob.

"No." Her mother said. "You're father's out on bail. Rayleigh, you need to get--"

"Mom? Are you there? Mom!" Rayleigh said. There was no reply.

"Ray? What's wrong?" Brian asked, worry and anger lining her voice. She heard her phone click off, and she hung up, looking at Brian.

"I think he got her, Bri." She sobbed, hugging his chest. Just then, her phone went off again, and she flipped it open immediately. "Mom?"

"If you don't want her to die, Rayleigh, you'll get your ass home right now. Otherwise, Abby will not live." Her father's cold voice said into the phone.

"You asshole!" She yelled into the phone. "You're not going to get a--"

"DON'T COME, RAYLEIGH!" She heard her mother scream, her voice in pain. Then she heard her father's voice again.

"I have a real hitman here this time, Rayleigh. And unless you come to take her place, she's dead." He said, hanging up the phone.
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