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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Twenty-Five

"I hate crutches." Brian muttered under his breath when Rayleigh handed him them. She chuckled when he almost fell over just as he stood up.

"You'll get used to them in no time, Bri. I did when I was little." She told him.

"Oh yeah. I forgot about the time you broke your leg. That was kind of funny, though."

"Falling off the top of the twisty slide when you're eight is not a funny thing. It was scary. And it hurt." She replied, her voice indicating that she was about to start laughing.

"It is funny when you're playing Toilet Monster." He muttered under his breath. She couldn't help it anymore, and began laughing as loud as she could.

"!" She said between laughter fits. He started laughing, and gave up trying to stand up on the crutches because he almost fell over while laughing. A nurse walked into the room with two wheelchairs in tow.

"Hospital rules insist that you must exit the hospital in a wheelchair." She told them kindly, knowing neither of them would listen.

"Sorry, but I can walk just fine on my own." Rayleigh told her.

"And I don't need a wheelchair. I'm Synyster fu--" Brian started. Rayleigh cut him off.
"You are not going to say that word in the hospital in front of the nurse, Brian." She warned. He laughed, but nodded.

"You're right. Only behind her back." He agreed.

"So both of you refuse to use a wheelchair?" The nurse asked formally. They looked at her and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess you could say we refuse using it." Rayleigh told her. "But Bri, if you fall, I am not carrying you down to the car." She said.

"Fine." Brian said to her. "I can get out of here using sticks. How hard can it be?"

She chuckled a knowing laugh. "I guess you'll find out now, won't you?"

"But just remember if I fall you don't get any tonight because I'll be in such excruciating pain." He reminded her with a smirk. She stopped smiling, and walked over to his side.
"Put your arm around my shoulder. At least if you fall I'm going with." She told him. They slowly hobbled past the nurse and out of the room to the nearest elevator, and almost fell down when it lurched.

"How many floors until the first floor?" He asked her, noticing that the elevator was empty. He pinned her as best as he could between the wall and himself. She smiled at him, and looked at the lights.

"Five." She told him. "We have time to make out. It'll give security something to watch."

Without another word, his lips were on hers, and his arms were pressed against the wall to keep him from falling over. Her tongue pressed gently against his teeth, and he opened his mouth, letting her tongue slip inside, where they battled for dominance.
Neither one of them noticed when the door opened and some people entered.

"Ahem." The person coughed. Rayleigh and Brian looked up to see a middle-aged woman with a little girl who couldn't have been any more than six, glaring disprovingly at them.

"Sorry." Rayleigh muttered.

"Mommy, what were they doing?" The little girl asked her mother.

"A very adult thing, sweetie." She replied to her daughter.

"It's called tonsil hockey, kid." Brian told the girl, earning another glare from her mother.
"Can I ever play tonsiw hockey?" the little girl asked eagerly. Her mother shook her head and glared again at the two.

"No, sweetie. It's very trashy.

"It feels really good, kid. Especially when--"

"Brian, that's enough for now." Rayleigh said gently, rubbing his back. He looked at her, but nodded. Just then, the door opened to the first floor, and the two of them hobbled towards the front desk, where they both signed out. Rayleigh saw Adam sleeping on a couch in the area reserved for people waiting, and she walked over to him, leaving Brian on his own for a minute.

"Adam, wake up." She whispered to her brother. His eyes fluttered open, and he looked at her.

"Oh. You ready to leave?" He asked his sister. She smiled and nodded.

"Yeah." She told him.

"Where's your fiance?" He asked again, noticing the many young guys sitting on couches that were giving his sister an appreciative look. She rolled her eyes, sensing an Older Brother Is Protecting Me speech once they got into the car.

She was right. The entire way back to Brian's house, he rambled on.

"Adam, it's--"

"It's not your fault that you're hot, Ray." Adam said. "I'm your brother and I say that."

"Adam." She started. He ignored it.

"And I know it's comfortable, and no, I guess it's not indecent what you're wearing, but you could wear some of my shirts. Or Brian's shirts. Or maybe even Matt's shirts." He rambled on. She rolled her eyes.

"Adam." She said again. He again ignored her.

"Do you know how hard it is for me as an older brother to see other guys who aren't your fiance staring at you like that? And even when he does it bugs me sometimes." Adam told her. She rolled her eyes again.

"ADAM!" She said loudly, earning his attention.

"Yeah?" He asked her.

"We parked the car like five minutes ago, and you're still rambling on about it." She replied calmly. She didn't like to yell unless she felt it was necessary. He looked around.

"Oh. It appears we have." He agreed.

"I think Brian would like a little help inside. And don't you dare let him fall." She warned. Adam's smile faultered.

"I'm going to pretend I did not just hear that, okay? And that you're still my sweet little sister who's never done anything with anybody in her entire life."

"Adam, seriously. This is me we're talking about here." She said as if it were obvious. He nodded sheepishly.

"I guess you're right. It's time I let go." He said as if he were struggling with that fact. She rolled her eyes again.

"Come on." She said as she walked into the house. A few minutes later, Brian and Adam walked in, but Rayleigh was too busy to notice. She was sitting on the couch with Papa Gates and Suzie watching House.

"How does someone just start drooling? Chase? Were you wearing your short shorts?"

Brian heard the main Dr. dude ask. Rayleigh lost it, and started laughing.

"What's so aluring about that show anyway?" Brian muttered, trying to get Ray's attention.

"I never did figure it out." Adam replied. "But it's a lost cause, Bri. Once she starts watching House, it's like she can't stop. She's the one with a House addiction."

"Remind me to warn my parents not to put it on TV." Brian told Adam.

"I heard that!" Rayleigh said, her eyes still glued to the TV. "Oh, my god. He's so frickin' hot!"

"Who? The doctor dude? I thought he looked rather ugly." Brian said.

"No! Chase!" Rayleigh corrected him. Adam rolled his eyes.

"Can we keep that to a minimum, Ray? You might hurt Brian's ego." He warned his sister, who turned around to face Brian.

"Did I hurt your ego?" She asked quietly. Suzie and Papa Gates started chuckling, but left the room, dragging Adam with them to the kitchen.

"Not on the couch, please." Suzie asked as she walked past them.

"Well, it makes me think he's hotter than me. And that's not the nicest feeling." He told Rayleigh, pouting.

"What can I do to make you believe that you're the hottest guy on the planet?" She asked him, kissing his chest. He grinned at her.

"Even hotter than Chase?"

"Yeah." She murmured. "Even hotter than Chase."

"Well...for starters, you could help me get into the bedroom." He hinted. She smiled, but let him sling his arm around her shoulder, and they walked towards his bedroom.
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Okay, I need to make an explanation because if you're not from the town I live in, most likely you don't know the tradition of Toilet Monster.
It was a game we played when we were in the lower grades of Elementary school, Kindergarten to third grade.
In order to play it, you needed a twisty slide and a whole bunch of kids. One person would stand at the end of the twisty slide on the ground, and everybody else would line up on top the slide area. One person would start sliding down, and then hold on to someone's leg as they started making a chain to start going down the slide. Simple stuff, right? Wrong. Once an indicated person yelled out "Flushy Flushy!' the person at the end of the slide became the monster, and the chain of people, however many were there, had to start crawling back up the slide. If the 'monster' got you, you were the new Toilet Monster. It was a stupid game, but it was fun. That's what hick kids do in their spare time. My class started that game. They're still playing it down there to this day.