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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Twenty-Six

When they reached Brian's bedroom, he shut the door.

"Wait, Brian." She murmured into his neck when he started assaulting her with kisses. He stepped back and looked at her with concern.

"Are you okay?" He asked her quietly. She grinned, letting him know that she was indeed better than okay. He smiled. "Okay, then what is it?"

"We're not the only two in the house." She reminded him. "Which means that there's a likelihood that we'll be bothered, just like every other time."

He studied her for a minute, contemplating the situation in his mind. Deciding she was right, he smiled at her.

"Don't worry, Ray." He reassured her, walking to his desk and pulling out a large piece of paper. "I have an idea."

She rolled her eyes, then walked over to the desk to read what he was writing.

This room is currently occupied by two very dedicated people. Please kindly refrain from entering the premises, no matter what the circumstances. Anything you deem important can wait until this sign is removed from the door, which will give you permission to enter said premises.
This includes you, Jimmy.
Thanks, the Management

Upon reading the last line of the 'announcement', she burst into laughter, causing him to laugh. He pulled a roll of duct tape out of his desk, earning a confused look from Rayleigh, but she shrugged when he walked over to the door. He taped it onto his door on all four sides, ensuring that it would not fall to the ground. He then hung a 'do not disturb' sign that he'd taken from a hotel room a couple of years ago on his doorknob as extra reassurance, and then shut the door, promptly locking it. Rayleigh immediately walked over to him and pinned him against the wall, kissing his jaw and up to his lips. He kissed her back, but then frowned and stepped aside.

"Rayleigh." He said in a tone that was too serious to actually be serious. She grinned, and looked at him.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"It would appear that a certain Peeping Tom has made a cameo in the window. However shall we deal with this?" He asked her, feigning a funny British accent.

"Oh, stop trying to be Chase. You're so much hotter than him." She whispered to him. "And about our little Peeping Tom, perhaps we should give him a show?"

He looked at her, confusion in his eyes, then he frowned.

"Nobody but me in the band can see you naked." He told her. She grinned.

"Oh, come on, Brian." She said in a joking voice. He knew she was joking, and took her up on it.

"Dammit, Ray. I don't want them to be having all sorts of nasty wet dreams with their girlfriends. It would mess up the whole bandconomy." He smiled at her.

"Bandconomy?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. He grinned at her in that silly way of his, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes. I am the next Max Webster." He told her. "I've already come up with several words."

"Like what? Random cuss words put together?"

"Yes. Yes indeed. I will be the evil Max Webster."

"Ahh...I see." She smiled, taking off her shirt. She felt something make a thud outside the window, and she burst into laughter. "He fell out of the tree, didn't he?"

He smiled, and nodded. "Yeah." He agreed, kissing her lips. He walked over to the window, locked it for extra security, and then pulled the curtains over it. He turned around to see Rayleigh lying on the bed in just her bra and panties, which both left very little to his extremely overactive imagination.

"Where did you...uh...find that?" He asked casually, trying to make it less apparent to her how much he wanted to jump her right then and there. She smiled at his attempt at innocent conversation, but went along with it.

"Oh, I don't know. The bra came from Hot Topic. The panties are from Vanity." She grinned. "Do you like what you see, Mr. Gates?"

"M-Mister Gates?" He asked, stuttering at her formality. She made it sound so hot.

"Yes. Because right now, you are going to be Synyster Gates, not Brian Haner." She said in a sultry voice.

"I-I am?" He asked her. She pulled herself up on the bed, and pulled him over to her by his shirt, making him fall on top of her.

"Yes." She whispered. Suddenly his confidence came back, and he grinned at her, slowly stripping his clothes off.

"As you wish, Ray." He told her when she leaned back to enjoy the show. He taunted her as he stripped, and grinned at her look of disapproval when he stopped at his boxers.

"Don't stop." she told him, trying to pull the boxers off. He tsk tsked her, and then stopped her hands before she could get too far getting them off of his torso.
"What do you ask?" He asked her, smirking. She looked at him innocently.

"Oh, Mr. Gates. Will you please pull your boxers off?"

He grinned, but nodded. He rewarded her, leaving him clad in his Birthday suit only. Then he frowned, realizing that she was still at least somewhat dressed. With reckless abandon, he pulled the bra and panties off, shredding the latter of the two in the process. She fake pouted.

"Those were my favorite!" She jokingly complained. He gruffly murmured something about women and their underwear, but captured her lips in a kiss before she could argue with him. His arms wrapped around her bare waist, and pulled her to his body. She rolled so that she was on top of him, and she grinned down at him.

"So it looks like Mr. Gates has been one-upped by a woman." She smiled. He growled, and flipped them again so that he was on top, then gave her a few lovebites on her neck. Rayleigh knew that by later tonight they'd be hickeys, and she knew her brother wouldn't like to see it, but she didn't really care at the moment. All that mattered now was that she was finally going to be with Brian in the ways she had always wanted to be with him. He looked down at her, hunger in his dark eyes, and she nodded, letting him know that she was ready.
Without another distraction, he thrust into her, and within a few minutes they had begun their own rhythym. When he was about ready to release himself, he realized that in the heat of the moment, he'd forgotten to put on a condom, and he pulled out, instead releasing himself on the bed, Rayleigh following him just a few seconds later. He collapsed next to her, and pulled her close to his side. They heard a knocking on the door, and Brian mumbled loudly.

"What?" He asked, beginning to become sleepy. He rolled his eyes when he heard Adam's voice.

"I know you and my sister are going to get married and all that mushy gushy stuff, but next time keep the noise level down to a dull roar. It really agitates me to hear my sister being screwed!" He said gruffly through the door. Rayleigh started laughing, but then laid her head on Brian's chest. She shortly fell asleep, as did he, and they lay like that for the rest of the night.
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