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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Three

"So what are we going to do tonight, guys?" Matt asked a few hours later as they sat around Brian's messy room. Johnny, who had fallen asleep upside down in the orange bean bag chair, fell out and thunked his head on the floor.

"What happened?" He asked, dazed. Everybody in the room laughed.

"We're debating what to do later tonight, Short Shit." Brian told their friend. Johnny looked sincerely confused.

"Why not do what we do every night?"

"Get drunk? That gets old after the fourth or fifth night in a row. Especially when you have to wake up and go to school in the morning." Jimmy said. Everyone looked at him suspiciously. Jimmy was the known partier of the group; he was always the one to drink the last beer whenever they partied. Even Brian couldn't outdrink him, and Brian could hold his drink well. Rayleigh smiled.

"I can't believe Jimmy actually suggested that we don't drink." She said, shaking her head.

"Yeah." Brian agreed. "What kinda weed are you smokin'?"

" stuff, actually." Jimmy told them. Everybody's eyes widened.

"You've been getting weed from Ryan forever! Since when did you start getting it from somebody else?" Matt asked his friend curiously.

"Since Ryan got caught and was put in juvi." Jimmy told them. "His friend Holly took over."

"Is this 'Holly' female?" Rayleigh asked, eyebrows cocked.

"That has absolutely nothing to do with anything, Ray." Jimmy said, blushing.

"Uh huh."

"So what happened to Leanna?" Johnny asked. "I thought you said things were going good for you two."

"We got into a fight and decided to see other people for awhile." Jimmy shrugged.

"I liked her." Rayleigh spoke. "She wasn't a typical slut."

"Yeah, I agree with Ray." Brian said.

"Well, then, what about Michelle?" Jimmy pointed at Brian. "I haven't seen her around for a long time. Things seemed good between you two."

"She decided she wanted to see Billy." Matt told him. "Val told me."

"Yeah." Brian said bitterly. "Can we drop it about girlfriends for now?"

"Sure. Gena and Lacey aren't interesting, and we all know Matt and Val aren't gonna break up." Jimmy announced. Matt blushed, while Jimmy and Zacky glared at Jimmy.

"Our girlfriends are perfectly interesting." Zacky defended them.

"Only in the bedroom, I'm sure." Jimmy rebuted.

"Whatever. Back to the topic. What are we gonna do tonight?"

"Well...I gotta go meet Holly tonight and get the stuff. If you guys wanna come, I'm sure she wouldn't care." Jimmy said. "I mean, after all, you guys are my friends."

"And none of us smoke weed." Rayleigh told him.

"Yeah, Jimmy. More people means it's more likely that we'll be caught. And I don't need anything else on my record." Johnny said, sounding worried.

"Come on, guys. It's at two o'clock in the morning at Central Park. Like anybody's gonna be watching." Jimmy told them.

"You can never be sure." Rayleigh told him.

"I agree with Ray. Besides, if she got caught, her mom and dad would probably never let her out of the house again. And we don't want that." Johnny said. "Let's just go see a movie or something."

"But that's boring." Jimmy complained. "And besides, Holly is scary."

"What?" Rayleigh asked, her curiosity spiked again.

"She...she just gives me a really weird vibe. I don't wanna meet her alone." Jimmy explained.

"Wow. Jimmy is actually afraid of something other than spiders."

"Shut up, guys." Jimmy muttered. "I'm serious. I'm not going if you guys won't come with."

"What about your weed?" Zacky asked.

"Screw the damn weed. I value my life more than that shit."

"That was an oxymoron, you moron." Rayleigh told him.

"Hey! Weed is not a drug, it's an herb." Jimmy countered.

"Okay." Rayleigh scoffed.

"Well, what do you guys say? It won't take long." Jimmy asked. The group looked at each other, and sighed consecutively.

"Fine, Jimmy. We'll come with. But we better not get caught." Matt said.

"You guys are the best friends ever." Jimmy said happily. Rayleigh rolled her eyes, and leaned against Brian as they sat around talking, waiting until they had to go do this.

1:30 AM

"Ray, wake up." Brian whispered into her ear. She grumbled a little, but her eyes opened, her long hair hanging in front of them in a mess.

"What?" She asked irately.

"It's go time." He whispered back, tossing some black clothes at her. She groaned, and pulled on the clothes over the ones she already had on. It was a loose fitting black hoodie and a pair of Brian's black pants, and a black ski mask.

"Why do we have to do this? Can't somebody else just go with him?"

"We promised, Ray." Matt whispered back at her. "We can't just abandon him."

"Yeah. Especially if that Holly is as scary as he said she is."

"Well then let's go, 'cuz I'm tired and I'm already dead when I get home."

"Where are you kids going?" Brian's dad asked, walking into the room. "You look like you're going to rob a bank or something."

"Nah, Dad, we're just going to walk around town for awhile. But it's after curfew and I don't feel like being brought home in a cop car." Brian told his father, only half-lying. They were walking to the park because it was only a few blocks away.

"Okay, then. I won't wait up. Your mother's already in bed." He told them. "Goodnight, guys."

"'Night, Papa Gates." They told him as they walked out of the house. They stuck to the shadows as they walked to the park, Brian holding onto Rayleigh's hand comfortingly. She had a bad feeling about this, but since Jimmy was her friend and she'd made a promise, she didn't want to back out. He'd do the same for her, so she just sucked it up.

"Who're they?" They heard a girl with a Brooklyn accent ask Jimmy suspicously.

"My friends."

"Why're they here?" She asked.

"We're gonna crash at Matt's house, but he needs to be with us when we go over there." Jimmy lied, faking a cool exterior.

"You got the money?"

"Yeah." He answered, handing her a fifty. She looked suspicously around the park, and handed him a small bag of weed secretively. Then she booked it across the park.

"Jeez, could she make it anymore obvious?" Matt asked out loud. Just then, they heard sirens go off, and they froze.

"HALT!" They heard someone say over a phone. "YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!"

"Ray, run!" Brian urged her. "We'll cover you!"

"No! I'm not abandoning you guys." She told them. She grabbed the weed from Jimmy and stuffed it into her own pocket.

"What are you doing?" Jimmy hissed. "You'll get in trouble!"

"If they caught you with it, you'd go to jail." She mumbled as the police inched closer. Once the police officers were sure that they didn't have any weapons, they surrounded them. They were all handcuffed, and when a female police officer checked Rayleigh, she found the weed.

"What's this here? Weed?" She asked, shaking her head. "Such a shame."

"Bite me." Rayleigh whispered back, not resisting the handcuffs as they were placed around her wrists.

"What's your name?" The cop asked as she tightened them.

"Rayleigh. Rayleigh Coslov."

"Rayleigh Coslov, you are under arrest for the possession of an illegal substance. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you." The police officer said as the group was led to two separate cop cars. She was shoved in by Brian, and Matt was shoved in on her other side.