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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Thirty

"AHHHH!" Rayleigh screamed the next morning when she woke up. Immediately she heard the guys start laughing outside the bedroom door.

"What's wrong, Rayleigh?" She heard Jimmy ask innocently.

"THERE ARE SPIDER STICKERS EVERYWHERE ON THE GODDAMN WALL THAT IS WHAT'S WRONG!" She screamed at him, jumping out of the bed to open the door. It was a futile attempt, however; the guys were all holding it tightly shut. Even though she knew the spiders were only on stickers and couldn't hurt her, she was still kind of creeped out. Spiders had never been her strong suit, and the guys had never done this kind of practical prank on her.

"Aww, Ray. They're just stickers. They can't hurt you." She heard Matt coo sarcastically. "At least...I'm pretty sure there aren't any live ones in there. But Zacky wanted to--"

He stopped talking when he heard her scream bloody murder. In the corner of the room, sitting in a wire mesh cage on Brian's nightstand, was a big, black and yellow, hairy tarantula. She could just feel it staring her down. She began banging on the door with her fists, and within seconds the guys opened the door. She fell onto Jimmy's chest, but shoved her way past him and ran to the complete opposite end of the house--the upstairs attic. She knew the guys hardly ever went up there, so she figured they'd leave her alone.
She knew they'd meant it as just a joke, and no one really knew how deep her fear of spiders went, so she couldn't really be very mad at them. But nonetheless, the tarantula had scared the crap out of her. The last time she'd seen a live tarantula was when it had gotten tangled in her hair at a school assembly a couple of years ago.

"Ray, are you okay? I really didn't mean to scare you like that." She heard Zacky's sympathetic voice from the other side of the door. She grinned, already plotting revenge in her mind.

"I'm fine, Zacky. Just get it the hell out of this house, please." She told him. The door opened, and he sat next to her.

"Don't be mad at the other guys." He told her. "It was all my idea. I probably shouldn't have done it."

"It's okay, Zacky. Just don't do that again." She said, too sweetly to be sincere. He looked at her with suspicion.

"What are you planning on doing?" He asked her with a smile.

"Nothing, Zacky. Does this face look like it would plot?" She asked. He coughed.

"Yes." He said. "But I gotta go. Something about a tux fitting."

"Ahh. That's right. The fittings are today." She remembered. "But not for me or the girls. Just you guys."

"I'll see you later." He said, using her knee as a way to get up. She laughed, and took the hand he offered to get her to her feet.

"Do you know where Brian's at?" She asked him. "I woke up this morning and he wasn't there."

"He said he was going somewhere top secret. No worries, though. He did tell me to tell you that it's not a strip club."

"I wasn't worried about that." She said lightly. And honestly, she wasn't. She knew that Brian went to the clubs with the guys as a night out--he never chased the strippers down, and never did anything too lewd or something that would disrespect her. He never had.

"Well, I just wanted to clear the water." He said as he walked down the stairs. She nodded, and closed the attic door, ensuring that no one would know she was up here. She had a plan to plot. She may not be mad at the guys for putting the tarantula in hers and Brian's room, but she sure wasn't going to take it without a dose of revenge.

Later that night, she helped Suzie make dinner.

"What's that bottle of pills?" Suzie asked curiously when she saw the small container of Tylenol PMs in Rayleigh's hands. She shushed her future mother-in-law, and the woman smiled knowingly.

"This is revenge for the tarantula, isn't it?" She asked with a smile. Rayleigh nodded, making the pills into small clouds of dust. She put two pills worth in each of the guy's water glasses with the exception of Brian, since he'd had nothing to do with the tarantula.

She put a glass in front of each of their plates, and they were called to dinner shortly after.

"I'm getting kinda tired. Can I just crash here tonight, Suzie?" Matt asked first, yawning loudly. Suzie nodded.

"Of course you can. You all look like you're getting kind of sleepy. You can all stay over if you'd like. I'd rather you not get into a car crash before Brian and Ray's wedding." She said sweetly. No one assumed anything, and they all nodded gratefully.

"You're awesome, Suz." Jimmy said.

About fifteen minutes later, dinner was over. Another hour and a half after that, all the guys were passed out in random spots around the house; Jimmy had sprawled out underneath the coffee table, Johnny had fallen asleep in the empty bathtub, and Matt and Zacky had fallen asleep on each other's head sitting on the floor. Rayleigh ran to the bathroom, where she found what she'd gone to the store to get earlier. She found the supplies in a small bag, and ran first to the living room.

"This is payback, Zacky." She whispered, knowing he wouldn't wake up. She pulled out a small green eyeshadow compact, and slowly spread the green eyeshadow all over Zacky's face. She then went back to her small bag, and pulled out a bright pink lipstick and smeared it all over Zacky's face. She then went to the kitchen and pulled out a small bucket of whipped cream, and ran back to the living room, where she put a small handful in Zacky's hand.

Next up was Matt. She drew a French mustache on his face in purple, tipping it off with a grey. She then put blue around his eyes, and put black lipstick on him. She got up and went over to Jimmy. She contemplated doing something to him, but seeing as how he was nearly as afraid of spiders as she was, she didn't see a point to it, and she decided to show him mercy. She walked quietly to the bathroom, where she saw Brian standing in the hallway in just his boxers, leaning casually against the wall with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Having fun?" He asked with a smirk. She smiled and nodded.

"Oh, yes." She replied. "It's terribly fun to make your friends look retarded. I spared Jimmy, though."

"You're so evil." He said. "I like it."

She stepped away as he moved in for a kiss.

"I'm on a mission, Bri." She said quietly, stepping into the bathroom and quietly shutting the door behind her. She saw Johnny curled up innocently in a small ball on one end of the tub. She pulled out her green eye shadow compact again, and painted his entire face green. She left his lips alone, but went back to her bag to find a purple and a pink eye shadow compact. She artfully spread the pink eyeshadow on one of his arms, and the purple on the other. Satisfied, she shut the light off again and left the room. She walked to hers and Brian's bedroom, where she saw Brian laying in the bed wearing only his boxers.

"So are you off your mission now?" He asked with a sardonic grin.

"Um...yeah. Mission accomplished." She said, satisfied.
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