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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Thirty-One

"AHHHH!!!!" Rayleigh heard Zacky scream from the living room. Immediately she sat up in the bed and started laughing. She heard several sets of feet thumping down the hall, and three very angry guys opened the bedroom door, all of them looking very ridiculous.

"What happened to you guys? You look horrible!" She said, trying to contain her laughter.

"Woman!" Zacky said, looking at her through the whipped cream she'd put in his hand. She couldn't help it anymore, and she lost it.

"What?" She asked innocently. "Hey, hey. Don't blame me, okay? I swear to God it was the Pizza Nazis."

Zacky looked at her puzzled, as did Matt and Johnny.

"Pizza Nazis?" They asked, puzzled.

"Yeah. The little men who sabotage perfectly good pizza and put such things as anchovies and mushrooms on them to ruin them." Rayleigh said. They all gave her a mischievous grin at the same time, and then looked at Brian.

"Dude, you might wanna move." Matt said to Brian, who quickly obliged.

"Brian!" Rayleigh said, realizing what they were going to do.

"Hey, I'm Switzerland! I'm neutral!" Brian defended himself, his arms in the air. "You can't blame me for anything they do, and I can't blame you for what you do to them."

Without a second to get off the bed, the three of them dog-piled on top of her, smearing the makeup all over her face as well as the blankets and pillow beneath her head. They were all laughing, including Rayleigh. Until they heard the bed start cracking and the bed frame broke in the middle.

Brian lost it and started laughing. "Now look what you guys have done. My mom is going to kill you!"

"Mmmph's mmmmt mmmm mmmphllllt." Rayleigh said, her voice muffled underneath the three guys. They got off of her and helped her out of the pit of ruin that had become Brian's bed.

"What did you say?" Johnny asked with a smirk.

"I said, 'It's not my fault." She said, grinning back. "Are we even now?" \

"Yeah. Although, I must enquire." Matt said. Rayleigh looked at him.


"Why didn't you put any makeup or any whipped cream on Jimmy?"

She smiled innocently. "Jimmy had nothing to do with putting a tarantula in my room, Zacky. And Jimmy didn't have anything to do with putting spider stickers all around the room."

"EVERYONE FRONT AND CENTER!" They heard Suzie call from the kitchen.

Immediately they all clammored to the living room and sat uniformly; Zacky, Johnny, and Jimmy on the couch with Papa Gates, Val, Lacey, and Brian's sister McKenna sitting on the other couch across the room, Brian and Rayleigh in the lounge, Adam and Zacky's siblings Zina and Matt on the floor near the door.

"We have a problem." Suzie said to the group seriously.

"And that would be?" Rayleigh asked.

"We have to move the rehearsal dinner to tonight because the caterer is busy next Friday, and the earliest he can do the rehearsal is tonight." She said slowly. Rayleigh halted.

"And that means we have to move the wedding to a closer date." She said quietly. Suzie nodded.

"That's going to mean a lot of work on everybody's part. The wedding planners, me and Abby, have decided that the best time for the wedding will be next Wednesday. The caterer is available for a nighttime serving. I know you wanted a daylight wedding, Ray, but--"

"No, actually. I'd rather have a night wedding." Rayleigh smiled. "Mom was the one who wanted a day wedding."

"Well, either way, we have a busy day ahead of us, okay?"

"Ma'am, yes, Ma'am." Everyone in the room said. Suzie smiled.

"Alright. I'm breaking everybody off into little groups. Zina, Matt, Matt, Adam, Papa Gates, and Johnny, I need you guys all to go to a fitting today at 1 o'clock at The Leaping Pond Bridal Shop. It's already been arranged, you need to be there."

"Got it." They all replied.

"Brian and Rayleigh, this needs to be done ASAP." Suzie said, looking at them.

"What?" They asked.

"I need you guys to come up with the song you're going to do your first dance together to." Suzie told them. "We forgot all about that, and we need it by tonight."

"We can do that." Rayleigh said with a smile.

"The band has already been--"

"We're doing it." Jimmy said over Suzie. "We all agreed. We're bringing in Frank Iero to take over Brian's spot so he doesn't have to play the music for his own wedding."

"Okay. I'll tell the band not to come, then." Suzie sighed.

"Everybody I haven't called, minus McKenna, needs to go to the dress fitting this afternoon at five. That means you, Rayleigh Anne Coslov." Suzie said.

"Got it." She nodded.

"And then there's McKenna." Suzie smiled at her daughter. "You need to help me."

"What are we doing?" McKenna asked.

"We're going to do the secret stuff that even Ray doesn't know about." Suzie told her.

"You already went to the dress fitting this morning."

"Yep." McKenna nodded happily.

"Okay. So that's it. Everybody move!" Suzie called out.
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