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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Thirty-Two

"This dress looks simply fantastic on you!" Her mother gushed after she had put what was the fifth dress her mother had handed her. Her mother still didn't like the dress that Rayleigh had chosen, and was hell bent on getting her into a different dress.

"Mom." Rayleigh said.

"I mean, it shows everything so perfectly." Abby continued.

"Mom." She sighed.

"And it's white." Her mother ignored her.

"Mom!" She said, her voice a little louder. She looked at her daughter.

"Yes, Rayleigh?"

"I'm wearing my dress." She told her. "I like it, and that's all there is to it. Brian's tux already matches it, and if I choose a different dress, he has to get a different tux, and we'd be too...conventional and traditional. I'm not having a white wedding."


"Let's not fight, shall we?" Val asked her. "I simply love the outfit the bridesmaids are wearing. I can only imagine that the guys are going to look hot in theirs too."

"You're so funny, Val." Rayleigh laughed.

"When we were little, I always thought you and Brian would end up getting married. Other than the time you guys got 'married' on the playground when we were eight."

"That was just because he bet me two dollars that I wouldn't kiss him." Rayleigh laughed. "He was wrong."

"I know."

"Girls! We need to get back to business." Abby and Suzie said.

"Fine." All the girls replied at once. Just then they saw Brian.

"You're wearing that ugly thing?" He asked Rayleigh in mock horror when he saw the too-frilly dress on her body. She glared at him.

"No. Trust me, Brian. I am not wearing this dress. I'm just playing dress up to appease my mother." She told him. He nodded.


"Brian Elwin Haner, Jr.! Go to the other side of this shop right now! You can't see us dressed like this!" Suzie snipped at him. He sighed.

"Fine." He sighed. "I'll see you at home, Ray."

"Yep." She replied loudly as he walked away. "I love you, Snuffles!"

That stopped him. "What did you just say?" He asked with a grin. She smiled innocently.

"Me? Say anything remotely sarcastic? You're full of it."

"Payback's a bitch." He grinned.

"Vengeance is a motherfucker." She retorted.

"What?" Zacky asked from the other side of the shop. They all burst into laughter.

"Nothing, Zacky." Val called back.

"Let's just get out of these annoying dresses. We've already made sure they fit okay." Rayleigh told her mother and future step-mother. The girls all chorused in agreement.

"Fine. Now we need to get Ray back home and Brian back home, and we're locking them in their room until they come up with a song for the wedding." Suzie said. She laughed.

"It won't take long, Suzie." She said. The woman smiled knowingly.

"Oh, trust me, Ray. It's a more difficult task than you're thinking it is."