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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Forty

"Sorry we're late. We got held up in traffic." Brian told the priest as he held the door to the priest's office open for Rayleigh, who walked in slowly. The priest nodded, with a smile.

"That's happened before. This is southern California, after all, and such things must be taken into account for." He said happily. Brian smirked, knowing the priest had no idea exactly what kind of traffic they had been caught up in.

"Yeah. Sometimes it's really a pain." Ray said, going along with Brian. She didn't really feel like getting yelled at by the priest whom she had known ever since she was little. He was the very priest she had once despised, blaming him for her parent's strictness and opinion of her friends. He nodded.

"I agree. But we must get down to business. Please, have a seat." He said, nodding to two comfortable looking red chairs. They sat down in the chairs, holding hands with one another.

"The wedding has been set for Friday, April 13th, correct?" The pastor asked, his smile temporarily faultering as he said the date. Rayleigh bit back a laugh at the priest's superstition; they had planned for the wedding to be on that day simply because it was considered taboo for her mother.

"Yes, that's right." Brian nodded. The priest nodded.

"Alright. What time is the wedding set for?"

"Six PM." Rayleigh told him. "And we're heading out for wherever Brian decided on at midnight."

"Okay, so the ceremony has to be done within an hour, and then the reception of course, will take a few hours. Have you decided on who is going to be in the wedding?"

"Yes, all positions are filled." Brian said.

"What about music? I assume you want to use the traditional wedding march, but I need to know for sure."

"Yeah, we're doing the traditional march...but with a twist." Rayleigh smirked. The priest's eyes widened. After all, this was his church they were using, and potentially causing the need for an exorcism.

"And that would be what, exactly?"

"My friend Matt is playing the organ, and my friend Zacky is playing guitar." Brian told the priest, who sighed, but nodded.

"That's fine. It's best to customize a wedding the way a couple would like it to be." He agreed. "How about the food?"

"You don't need to worry about a clean up crew for the church; the reception's not going to be here. We figured we caused enough havoc on you and your holiness" Brian told the man, who looked relieved.

"That is very kind of you." He said. In truth, he couldn't quite make sense of this couple. He knew they loved each other, but he couldn't understand why they were getting married in a church instead of somewhere less...sacred. For some reason, they just didn't seem like the church type of couple.

"Yes, well, you've put up with enough of my antics over the years." Rayleigh nodded. "This is just the final notch on the post. After this, you won't need to worry about me."
He looked at her, his eyes gentle. He always had liked Rayleigh; there was a spirit about her that he noticed many other kids didn't have. He smiled.

"Alright, then. I guess that would be it for this meeting. I'll see you next Friday." He smiled. She nodded.

"Oh, Father Thompson?" She asked, just remembering something. He looked at her.
"Yes, Rayleigh?"

"I'm sorry, but I lied." She smiled. He looked at her confused.

"What do you mean?"

"We'll need your help in about nine months or so." She grinned at him. He beamed.

"You're pregnant?" He asked. She nodded.

"Yeah. And I wouldn't have anybody else do their religious stuff on our baby but you.
Well, and the Rev." Rayleigh laughed. Brian smirked at the insider joke. The priest nodded.

"Very well. I will baptize the child. I'll see you next Friday, Ms. Coslov and Mr. Haner."


Two hours later, Rayleigh and Brian were sitting rather impatiently in the dining room of a caterer's shop.

"How long can it possibly take for them to get samples of the food ready?" She asked grumpily. Brian sighed, but smiled at her.

"Is someone hungry?" He asked her. She glared at him, and he chuckled, kissing her cheek.

"Yes. And everyone knows that a hungry pregnant lady is nobody to mess with." She said, smiling even as she said it. She couldn't stay mad around Brian for very long.

"Well, then let's get you fed." A cheery woman said, walking to the table with a tray full of samples. "This one is homemade Italian lasagna." She said, setting a small plate in front of them. They both sampled it. While Rayleigh liked it, Brian squished his face together.

"It tastes too...spiced up. Not simple enough for my friends." He told the woman. Rayleigh nodded.

"I agree." She said. "Although it tastes good."

"That's okay. We can try this coconut shrimp with red curry sauce." She said, taking the lasagna plates and setting new ones in their place. Rayleigh didn't even touch it, shaking her head no.

"No. I don't eat fish. Shrimp classify as fish." She said stubbornly. Brian shrugged his apology to the woman, who smiled and took the food back.

" about the bourbon beef tenderloin with micro greens?"

"That doesn't even sound like something the guys would even try." Brian shook his head. The woman's smile faultered, and she took all the dishes.

"Alright. Let me go get some other samples for you, then." She said, briskly walking away. Rayleigh looked at Brian.

"Think we made her mad?"

"It doesn't matter, baby." He smiled. "It's our wedding, and if you don't like fish and the guys can't comprehend the difficult names of food, then she can deal with it."
She smiled and kissed his lips before the woman came back with three assistants, each carrying two separate trays.

"How about the lemongrass-cured salmon canapes?"

"It's too small, and the last time I checked, salmon classifies as fish." Rayleigh smiled sweetly, trying not to get too pissed off at this woman.

"The grilled Thai-style steak?"

"Is it spicy?" Brian asked, already knowing that Rayleigh was getting agitated. If the woman kept asking dumb questions, he knew Rayleigh would threaten to find a new cater.

"A little." The woman told them.

"Then it's a no. I don't like spicy."

"You're awfully picky, aren't you?" The woman joked lightly. Rayleigh's eyes narrowed, and the woman laughed. "But that's just fine. It's your right to be finicky."

"I'm not finicky." She told the woman. "I know what I like, and it sure as hell isn't spicy food and fish!"

" about the Ginger sea--"

"I wouldn't ask her that if I was you." Brian warned the woman. "You see, she's pregnant, and she's getting very angry with you right now. It would be in your best interest to offer her something she likes instead of something her mother told you to bring out."

"But--how--" The woman faultered. Brian grinned.

"I would know Abigail's perfume anywhere, and it's obvious she's been here recently. Probably right before we showed up. So just go back and get the list my mother gave you. And then maybe Ray won't try to snap your head off."

The woman nodded quickly, having the assistants take the food to the back of the kitchen. Ray smiled at Brian.

"You took the words right out of my mouth." She said. "Only, I wouldn't have been so pleasant."

"I know you wouldn't have, sweetie." He grinned at her, kissing her nose. "That's part of why I love you so much."

The woman and her assistants came back, this time with much more apetizing-looking foods.

"This is the Korean-style mignon." The woman said. Rayleigh tasted it and smiled.

"I like it. But I don't think the guys would. Besides, Jimmy has a problem with anything that's not Cheetoh's and burgers."

Brian laughed, and the woman nodded with a smile, taking the food and replacing it with a very good looking food. "This is--"

"Is that pineapple I see?" Rayleigh asked, her eyebrows arched. The woman's smile faultered.

"Is that a bad thing? We can take it ba--"

"Don't you dare." Rayleigh said, grabbing the food. "Brian, this is what we're serving."

Brian rolled his eyes, but nodded and kissed her hair. "I agree. It looks really good, Ray."

"Don't touch it!" She snapped, grabbing his own portion from him. He took all the pineapple off of the plate, and then handed him what was left, a chicken breast with herbs on top.

"She's addicted to pineapple, sorry. Dr. Dru tried to help her, but he just couldn't get through to her." Brian offered to the woman with a smirk. Rayleigh laughed, choking a little on her pineapple.

"Now, let's start on the wine and cheese." The attendant smiled.

Brian grinned. He was beginning to like this whole catering deal.