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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Forty-Two

"Alright, we need to hurry!" Suzie called out in the house. "I'm serious, everybody! Get dressed and we need to get to the church!"

"I don't even have my boxers on, Suzie!" Papa Gates called from their bedroom in the basement. "The church can wait!"

"Brian Elwin Haner, if you don't hurry up this instant, I'll--"

"Did someone call me?" Brian asked, sticking his head out of the bathroom, toothbrush in his mouth.

"No, your father." Rayleigh told him as she walked to their bedroom in her robe. She shut the door, signaling that no one should enter. She walked to the closet. She had known that she should have picked an outfit earlier, but Brian just had to distract her, she thought with a smile. She quickly rumaged through the hangers, and found a outfit and threw it on just as Brian walked into the room.

"You're wearing a Misfits hoodie to a church?" He asked, his eyebrows arched. She grinned at him and nodded.

"Yeah. I figured I might as well get my kicks in with Father while I still can." She smiled innocently. "Anyways, I don't need to dress up for the rehearsal. I could just wear sweats and an old, ratty t-shirt if I really want to."

"You'd still look hot." He agreed, kissing her lips. "Anyways, we gotta go. Mom's about to kick my ass for taking so long."

"Why your ass?" She asked him. He smiled at her.

"I covered for you."

Without another word, they walked out to his old '69 Mustang and drove to the church, where everybody else was waiting for them already.

"Come on, hurry up already. I got a job to do." Jimmy said sarcastically. Rayleigh started laughing when she saw his outfit, and he just grinned.

"What is that?" Brian asked, wrapping his arm around Rayleigh's shoulder. Jimmy smiled.

"I thought I might as well help the Father, since, you know, I am The Rev."

"Come on, or my mother is going to kill us all except Rayleigh."

Ten minutes later, they were all at their stations, Rayleigh behind the door waiting to walk through as Zacky and Matt began playing the wedding march. She was zoning out, however, and she didn't hear it right away.

"Rayleigh Anne! That's your cue!" Jimmy called from the front of the church loudly, earning laughs from everyone in the church. She snapped back to attention and started walking down the aisle, walking with Adam on her left side and Papa Gates on her other. They were making her go slower than she'd like, and she heard Jimmy loudly sigh.

"Hurry up, you guys. We don't have all night. I have a whole bunch of other stuff I gots to do."

"Like what, go screw Leana?" Johnny asked with a smirk from beside Brian.

"Johnny! We are in a church!" Lacey called out, mortified. He laughed.

"I'm sure the Father doesn't mind, right?" He asked the father, who just ignored them all, a small smile threatening to show.

Within a few minutes, everyone was where they were supposed to be, and for the most part, everything was going smoothly.

"It is with great pleasure that we gather here at this holy place today to--" The pastor started. Jimmy coughed, and the Father sighed. "Yes?"

"You said 'today.'" He said matter-of-factly.

"Yes, I did." The Father agreed.

"It's not 'today'. The correct terminology would be 'tonight'." Jimmy said. The father sighed.

"Whatever. It is with great pleasure that we gather here at this holy place tonight to witness the joining of two hearts in holy matrimony."

"He said matrimony." Matt whispered to Val, who rolled her eyes.

The Father ignored them, and continued. "These two people, Brian and Rayleigh--"

"It's Ray, not Rayleigh!" Jimmy said. "We don't even know who this Rayleigh is!"

"Fine. These two people, Brian and Ray have fallen so deeply in love, are so committed to one another, that--"

"Awww." Zacky cooed. "It's so...romantic."

"Too bad you don't have anyone to share it with." Jimmy snickered.

"--One another, that they make a holy, sacred covenant before the God who created the world--"

"We know this. Can we just fast forward to the good part?" Johnny asked boredly. "I have to be at Johnny's in an hour."

"Fine!" Father said, obviously irate. "Brian, do you take Ray as your lawful wedded wife, to hold, love, and protect, to cherish and honor, for better or worse, in sickness and in health?"

"I do." He nodded, taking the entire thing very seriously.

"And do you, Ray, take Brian as your lawful wedded husband, to love, honor, and obey—“

"No, I do not." She said pointedly. Everyone looked at her in amazement, but Brian had a smirk on his face.

"What do you mean, no?" The father asked. "What is it with this bunch of monkeys?"

"I'll take him as my lawful wedded husband and all that good shit, but I'm not going to obey him. We're partners in this marriage, Mister Father, sir, and I am not going to just bow to his--"

"Fine! I'll omit it. Do you take each other as your partners in marriage?" He asked They nodded.

"Then you may--"

The father didn’t have time to finish his words before Brian and Rayleigh had started to make out.