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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Forty-Five

"Brian, where are we?" Rayleigh asked as Brian tied the bandana he'd had on his head around her eyes, blocking her vision. He just grinned and shook his head.

"I can't tell you till we get there. Sorry, babe." He laughed, kissing her neck. He took her hands and led her for about twenty minutes, until he led her through a door. He stopped, and she tried to get the bandana off, but he held her hands in his behind her back.

"I need the key for our honeymoon suite." He told someone, presumably the receptionist at whichever hotel he was having them stay at.

"Of course. I assume you are Mr. and Mrs. Haner?" The woman asked warmly.

"Yeah." He told her. Rayleigh heard the jingling of a key, and soon Brian was leading her again. When the elevator started to move, she experience vertigo to a small degree, and Brian steadied her with his hands on her shoulder.

"Bri, where are we?" She asked again, smiling. She was taken by surprise when he put his lips on her own.

"You'll see in a minute." He promised. Just then, the elevator door opened, and he led her out of it carefully. They walked for a few minutes before he stopped, and opened the door. He led her through the room, and to the balcony, where she gasped at the sight from the balcony.

"It's beautiful." She told him, tilting her head up and capturing his lips in a heated kiss. He nodded, and kissed her back.

"I knew you'd love it." He smirked. She nodded.

"Now can you tell me where we're at?" She asked him. He nodded.

"We're in Antigua." He smiled. She turned around and dragged him back into the bedroom, and threw him onto the bed. "What's this? My sweet, innocent Ray is being rough[/url]?" He asked jokingly, pulling his clothes off as she pulled her own off. She just smirked at him and climbed on top of him, kissing his neck and shoulder. When he went to move her under him, she stopped him, and looked at him. He nodded, and she continued, trailing her kisses down his chest to his lower abdomen, where he couldn't help but thrust up. She sat up and looked at him, smirking.

"What, Mr. Haner?" She asked innocently.

"You know what, Ray." He said. She smiled, but laid next to him. Taking his cue, he moved on top of her, starting where she'd left off.


She woke up the next morning to hearing Brian lightly snoring, which was something he hardly ever did. She sighed and got up out of the bed, and pulled on a hotel robe that was sitting on the chair near the door to the balcony. She stepped out and took a look at the beach in daylight. It was beautiful. Sure, when she'd been little, and even into her early teenage years, her parents had forced her to go on exotic vacations with her, but they'd never been this beautiful. She only assumed the reason behind that was because she hadn't truly enjoyed being around her parents. She heard someone shuffling in the room, and turned around to see Brian leaning on the doorway without his shirt, smugly smiling at her.

"So what do you want to do today?" He asked her. "I thought we might go on a boat ride."

That stopped her. "B-boat ride?" She asked, stuttering. She'd never liked boats, ever since the age of fourteen, when she'd gone to the ocean with Brian and the guys. In a nutshell, she'd ended up falling out of the intertube she'd been riding in, and she'd gotten some serious cuts on her rear from the sharp rocks on the reef she'd hit. She hadn't been on a boat since. He smiled at her.

"I'm joking, Ray." He smiled. "Seriously, though. What do you want to do?"

"Stay here in the room all day with you?" She smiled. His face brightened.

"Now that I could do." He nodded, walking towards her, kissing her lips. "But the cleaning crew needs to come in sometime to do their job."

She sighed. "You're right. I suppose after breakfast we could go down to the beach for awhile, check out the area. I've never been to Antigua."

"Neither have I." He told her. "But we're here for two weeks, so let's enjoy it."

She smiled up at him, and put her hands on his face.

"I agree. Now let's get breakfast, I'm hungry."

"Okay. What do you want?"

That stopped her, and she looked thoughtful for a minute before she smiled. "I'm feeling a craving for Frosted Flakes with lots of pickles mixed into it." She smiled. He gave her a disgusted face, and she held her hands up.

"Seriously?" He asked her, his face scrunched up. She nodded.

"Yes. I am pregnant, and therefore, I am allowed to have very strange cravings."

He nodded, and walked back over to her, placing his hand on her stomach. He then knelt to her stomach's level and lifted her shirt up slightly.

"Hey, Little Bri. I'm your daddy, and she's your mommy. I can't wait to see you." He said, kissing her stomach lightly. She looked at him warmly, and ruffled his hair up a little bit before he got up and went to order room service breakfast.