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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Fifty-One

"So, today's the day, huh?" Papa Gates asked the next morning as the four of them sat at the breakfast table eating the bacon and eggs that Suzie had made. Rayleigh and Brian nodded, secretly holding hands underneath the oak table.

"Yeah. I'm excited," Ray said, smiling as she took a drink of pickle juice. She'd begun having strange eating habits since she'd gotten pregnant, and pickle juice was just one of the tamer ones. Brian winced as she drank it, but kissed her cheek anyways.

"It certainly is a big enough house for four Haners," Suzie chuckled as Abby walked into the house, and entered the kitchen.

"Oh, my! We need to hurry. It looks like it's going to start raining out there soon," she said, a smile on her face. Brian and Ray sighed.

"Well, Matt and Brian and the guys all got the furniture over to the house already, Mom. All we have to do is pack up Brian's and mine room."

"Which, knowing you, is going to take hours," Her mother quipped. Suzie nodded, agreeing with her son’s mother-in-law.

"Your mom's right, Ray. But you're only packing clothes. And—”

"I'm not too terribly pregnant yet, Moms," She rolled her eyes at her mother in law and mother, smiling softly at them. "Don't make me be an invalid before I have to be."

"Those are our grandbabies in that womb, Rayleigh Anne. You're not jeopardizing their health." Suzie told her. "Now you two go start packing."


Three hours later, the once very-lived in bedroom of Brian's childhood was an empty shell. Everything was packed up into duffel bags, suitcases, or plastic boxes, and all that was left in the room was the bed and dresser, with the mattress.

"It's strange leaving this room." Brian sighed, almost sadly. She nodded.

"Yeah. This room has given birth to lots of good ideas. And bad,” Rayleigh snickered, looking over at her husband as his eyes roamed lovingly around the room he’d spent his teenage years in.

"Like the night we went to get Jimmy's pot," Brian told her, laughing even as he said it. "That was a bad idea."

"Yeah, but it was fun,” Rayleigh shrugged. Brian laughed and nodded as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tight against him.

"Yeah. Anyways, let's get going to our new home to make new memories," he said, wrapping his arms around his waist. She hugged him and nodded, and they walked out to the living room.

"We'll be over there in a couple of hours, okay?" Suzie said. "Papa Gates wants to watch a House marathon. Again."

"What? There's a House marathon today?" Rayleigh asked. Brian rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Ray." He said as he kissed her hair. She sighed.

"Fine. It's not like I don't have all the seasons on DVD anyway,” she laughed. He nodded, and they walked out to the car and drove across Huntington Beach to their new home.


"It's prettier than I remembered." Rayleigh smiled as she looked at the house and front yard. He hugged her to his side and nodded.

"And the interior's even nicer," he promised her, causing his wife to turn and give him a suspicious look.

"What'd you do to it?" She asked, narrowing her eyes. He looked at her innocently.

"Val has a friend that's an interior designer. And she interior designed the house. Except for a few rooms that I know you wanted to design, like the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen,” he shrugged.


"And the nursery,” he told her softly, kissing her temple. “It’s a blank canvas for you, baby.”

"For us,” she corrected him, poking his cheek with her finger and causing him to laugh.

"Let's get in there and start making it home." He said. She smiled and they walked to the inside of the house.
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