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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Fifty-Two

One Month Later

"Brian!" Rayleigh called a month after they had moved into their new home. He ran up the stairs.

"Where are you at?" He called, worry in his voice as he looked around for his wife, scared that something was wrong.

"Don't sound so uptight, Brian. I'm right in here," She called from the actual master bedroom, which she'd been renovating for the last month with his help and the help of some local contractors.

"Dude, you need to come fuckin' see this room," Matt called, obviously proud of his part in helping. He was one of the ‘local contractors’ that Rayleigh had enlisted to help renovate the rooms she needed help with.

"Yeah. It's awesome," Johnny agreed. She'd forbade him from seeing the room, wanting him to see it only when it was done, and now, it was complete. Matt and Johnny had been over helping her finish arranging the furniture so that it was perfect. Brian smiled, and walked to the bedroom, Scuddles right on his tail. He scooped Rayleigh’s cat into his hands, and walked opened the door to the bedroom. His smile widened as he looked around the room. It was absolutely beautiful, painted in a deep red color with white and black accents.

"You did all this by yourself, baby?” He asked her, setting the cat down and wrapping his arms around Rayleigh’s waist, kissing her lips.

"We helped!" Matt and Johnny exclaimed. He waved them off.

"You're all brawn, guys. I meant she designed all this,” he rolled his eyes at his friends before turning his attention back to her.

"I didn't design it all, but I picked it all out. And I painted it,” she said, a blush tinting her cheeks as she looked at her husband. “Do you like it?”

"You're a fantastic decorater." He smiled, picking her up in his arms and kissing her neck. She kissed him back, and both Matt and Johnny coughed.

"We'll just be going now," Matt said as they both walked out of the room. Ray and Brian just nodded, and he laid her on the bed.

"You haven't even seen the bathroom yet." She muttered. He looked at her, and smiled.

"A bathroom would be a good place to be," He agreed. She laughed, but let him pick her up, and he walked into the master suite’s bathroom, grinning as he looked around the place.

"We should put that shower to good use, you know. Conserving water is good for our ever-failing planet, and we could both use a shower."

"Are you saying I smell, Mr. Haner?"

"No, Mrs. Haner, that is not what I am saying," he smiled, shaking his head as he pecked her lips. "But a shower always makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, you know."

"Yes, I agree, Mr. Haner. Now let's get in there," She smiled, taking her clothes off in front of him. Brian followed suite, and they walked into the shower together.
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Scuddles is back! I kinda forgot about the little guy, but he's always been there in the sidelines. But I promise I'll try to integrate him even more.