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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Fifty-Three

"Brian! We're going to be late! Hurry up!" Rayleigh called up the stairs as she rushedly ate a granola bar in the kitchen while simultaneously straightening her shirt over her now-rounded belly.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," He called as he walked down the stairs. He grabbed his fedora off of the fridge, where he'd put it a few hours ago when they'd gotten back from Matt's place, and he kissed her cheek before grabbing her hand. "Wait a minute. Don't you need a jacket?" He asked her, concerned.

"Brian, it's southern California at 2 PM. I don't need a jacket. Let's go, we'll be late," She reassured him, letting him lead her out to his car. He opened the passenger side for her, and she sat, making sure to buckle her seatbelt as she did so. Before she'd gotten pregnant, she'd rarely ever worn her seatbelt; it had reminded her of her father's stiff rules as a kid, and the rebellious nature of her teenage years had followed her. But now that she was pregnant and wanted to keep the babies safe, she was doing all she could to ensure their safe arrival.

"Didn't he say four, though, Ray?" Brian asked as they got onto the highway towards San Diego, which was a few hours away. Their doctor had transferred hospitals, and as a result, they had too.

"Yeah. It's two-ish now, so we'll be just on time if the traffic is good," she said, shaking her head at her husband’s question. He nodded, but smiled to himself when he looked over to the passenger seat to see her in one of the outfits she usually wore around the house. They'd woken up late, though, and she hadn't had time to change into something else.

"What do you want to listen to?" He asked her, noting the sour face she made when Fall Out Boy came onto the radio.

"Anything but this. As much as I like the band..." She started, then bursting into laughter. He nodded, and pulled his iPod out of his pocket and hooked it up to the adapter, and put it on shuffle. It came onto some ‘80s pop band, and he looked at her with his signature smirk.

"What?" She asked innocently.

"You put that on there, didn't you?" He smiled. She shrugged and gave him an innocent smile.

"Couldn't help it,” she shrugged, giving him an award-winning grin before looking out the window.

"You never sleep talked about me,” He grumbled. She patted his thigh, and smiled.

"That's because I'm not trying to run away from you in my dreams, Bri." She laughed. He gave her a curious look, and then put his eyes back on the busy road as she shook her head. “Never mind, Brian. It’s just a dream I had awhile ago.”

At The Doctor's Office

"Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Haner. It's always a pleasure to see you," Their doctor said once they walked into the hospital. He looked at the clock. "And just on time, too."

"Yeah. We woke up a little late, and it's a pretty long drive from Huntington to San Diego," Brian muttered. The doctor chuckled, but shook his head.

"It's alright. I've always got the hours from two until five open, just in case you are late," he smiled. "Shall we check on the babies' conditions?"

They nodded, and followed him to his new office down the hall, and Brian winced as he stepped into the bright, pastel-colored office.

"An updated office?" Brian asked, being sarcastic. The doctor nodded, grinning as Rayleigh stepped in after them.

"Yes. I tried for a different wall color, but they wouldn't let me paint it green."

They both laughed, and Ray took a seat on the bed-like cot, and lifted her shirt. The doctor put the gel on her stomach, and within seconds was studying the babies. He smiled, and looked at Rayleigh.

"Are they okay?" She asked worriedly. The doctor nodded.

"Yes, the babies are alright. Perfectly healthy. They've got a good caretaker,” he told Rayleigh. "Bone mass is very good for babies at their development level, and they're forming quite well."

"I was worried." Rayleigh admitted with a laugh. Brian patted her shoulder as the doctor wiped the gel off of her stomach, and she adjusted her shirt again.

"So, we'll see you a couple of weeks from now," Brian said, shaking the doctor's hands. He nodded.

"Yes. And you can start preparing the nursery any time, I think. Twins are usually a few weeks earlier than the normal due date."

"Alright," Brian nodded. "Thanks, doc. We appreciate it."

"No problem," He told them. They walked to the car, and Brian turned up the radio when he heard a news update.

"And in other news, Richard Coslov, charged with numerous offenses including attempted murder and rape, has been cleared to continue his court by the doctors of the Hoag Hospital in Costa Mesa. Court will resume on Monday, and there will most likely be testimonies from the likes of Mr. Matt Sanders, of Avenged Sevenfold, and Coslov's son-in-law, Brian Haner, Jr., who is married to Coslov's daughter, Rayleigh. The newswoman said over the radio. The deejay cut in, and started playing some random rap song, and Brian put the iPod back on.

"So I guess we're going back to court," Brian smiled. "I can't wait to see that asshole behind bars for the rest of his life. I'd like to punch him once or twice, though."

"Don't we all want to?" Rayleigh sighed. "I just don't want him seeing my pregnancy. We both know the media's going to suffocate us to death about it."

"If need be, we can see about having the judge bar media from the court," Brian reminded her. She nodded, and laid her head against the car's window.

"Wake me up when we get home, okay?" She said. He nodded and rubbed her thigh with his free hand while he drove back to Huntington.
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