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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Fifty-Four

As Brian was sworn in at court the next Monday, Rayleigh stood beside Jimmy, who was standing in for Brian as her support. Leana was on the other side of her, rubbing her back reassuringly as Brian agreed to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They kept their eyes on him as Toole walked up to him.

"Tell me, Mr. Haner, how did you meet Ms. Coslov?"

"It's Mrs. Haner now, Mr. Toole." Brian said coolly. "And she answered this question yesterday."

"It's a simple question, Mr. Haner. How did the two of you meet?" Toole asked him.

"Abigail brought her to the park when she was little, and we played together in the sandbox until her mother told her it was time to go."

"And did you keep in contact after that, or did her parents dissuade her from having anything to do with you and your ah, friends?"

"Disrespecting the witness, your Honor!" Cabot called out. Toole sighed, and the judge looked at him sternly.

"Change your approach to Mr. Haner, Mr. Toole. I will not allow blatant disrespect in my courtroom."

"Yes, your Honor," Toole agreed. He turned back to Rayleigh.

"Now, can you explain to me what happened on June 14th, when Rayleigh was fourteen?"

Brian sighed, not understanding what this had to do with Coslov's conviction. "Rayleigh snuck out of her parent's place, and came over to my house. She wanted to go get some pot, and we were all there, and so we agreed. We got caught and arrested," Brian told them, sticking with the story they'd stuck with since that night. Before, they hadn't told the truth because Jimmy couldn't afford another screw-up and land himself in jail again. Now, they told it because of more serious matters. Like her father's conviction, and the future of the band.

"Ah, and can you tell me the name of the arresting officer?"

Brian scoffed. "How am I supposed to remember that? It was a long time ago."

"But I would assume that four six teenage delinquents carrying an illegal substance would at least remember the name of the officer who arrested them."

"I don't," Brian said firmly, ignoring the fact that Toole had called him and the others a teenage delinquent.

"Did the officer tell you their name?"

"Yes," Brian nodded. Toole sighed.

"Then what was it? Or are you lying under oath? Is that not how things went that night?"

"Badgering the witness, your honor!" Cabot called out. The judge sighed.

"Approach, now," She said. Toole and Cabot both walked up to the judge, and had a short, heated conversation before Cabot went back to her seat, a smug smile on her face.
"There will be no questions asked by either the prosecution nor the defense about the night of June 14th from this point on in the trial. It has no immediate standing in the case of Mr. Coslov." The judge said, tapping her gavel. "Are you done questioning the witness, Mr. Toole."

"Not by a longshot," Toole said, a frown on his face. He walked back over to Brian. "How old are you, Mr. Haner?"

"I'm 22," he said.

"And Ms. Coslov is how old?"

"Disrespect to the witness, your honor. Ms. Coslov is now Mrs. Haner!" Cabot called. The judge tapped her gavel.

"Mr. Toole, if you continue this way, the court will relieve you of your duties to Mr. Coslov and will replace you. Continue in an appropriate manner!" The judge told him. She turned to Haner with softness in her eyes. "You may answer the question once Mr. Toole rephrases it."

Toole sighed. "Mr. Haner, how old is your wife?”

"She's eighteen. Nineteen in another month," Brian said. Toole shook his head.

"You're a good few years older than her, Mr. Haner. What drew you to her?"

"She's a kind person, independant thinker. She's beautiful inside and out." Brian told Toole.

"And how is it that she became pregnant at such a young, innocent age?"

Brian chuckled. "Well, there's this new thing on the market these days, Mr. Toole. It's called sex. No longer are the days of the stork."

The packed courtroom began to chuckle, and the judge tapped her gavel. Toole, with a red face, turned back to Brian.

"She was a minor when you married her, correct?"

"Yes," Brian answered. “She’s still legally considered a minor, while you’re on that page.”

"That's a six year difference, Mr. Haner. Were you aware of that?"

"Your honor! Who is on trial here, Mr. Haner or Mr. Coslov?" Cabot called out angrily. The judge slammed her gavel again.

"You, Mr. Toole, are hereby relieved of your civil duties to Mr. Coslov. The courts will find a replacement. In the meantime, court is adjourned until Wednesday at 11 AM."
Rayleigh fell against Jimmy's shoulder, and he hugged her protectively, not letting her father's piercing gaze meet her own eyes.
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