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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Fifty-Nine

"Brian, what is this?" Rayleigh asked the next morning when she woke up. Brian smiled at her, and pushed the tray closer to the side of the bed.

"It's your breakfast, baby," He smiled. "You deserve breakfast in bed with all the shit you've been through in the last couple weeks."

She smiled at him and began eating the food. He put on an old eighties metal song he knew she loved, and sat next to her on the bed as she ate the food he’d made.

"So, today's Sunday," He said. "What do you want to do today?"

She looked at him and smiled, finishing her bite of toast before she spoke. "It's been awhile since we've just stayed home together," she said quietly. He nodded.

"Home together alone it is," He nodded. "I'll go find some good movies."

Ten minutes later, he came back upstairs with Titanic, Lady and the Tramp, Must Love Dogs, and Sweet Home Alabama. She hugged him, and kissed his lips.

"My favorite movies ever!" She said. He held up his finger.

"There's more," he said, pulling more from behind his back. He held the original My Bloody Valentine, Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio, Saw IV, and Night of the Living Dead. She hugged him again, and then he got up.

"Which one first?" He asked her.

"Do you really need to ask? Titanic, of course," she said. He smiled and popped the disc into the DVD player, and sat back on the bed, pulling her close as they watched the love story of Jack and Rose unfold, and tragically end.

After Titanic, they took a quick lunch break and bathroom break, and then continued watching chick flicks and horror movies all day.
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