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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Sixty-Two

Two Days Later

Two days after Cayden and Jaimee were born, Rayleigh and Brian were able to take them home, and they did so proudly and made sure to avoid the paparazzi that had filed outside of the hospital, wanting the first pictures of the two newest additions to the Avenged Sevenfold family.

"They're so quiet," Brian said as they were walking out of the hospital with a huge grin on his face. Of course, some paparazzi had managed to find them, so the babies were covered with blankets so there would be no pictures of them in the news, and both Brian and Rayleigh had a bodyguard by them to prevent the news hounds from tearing the blankets off the babies.

"Rayleigh! What are the babies' names?" One reporter asked. She politely told him that she was not going to release information about the babies yet, and walked to the SUV, where they put the babies safely in the backseat. The windows were tinted in the back, so the paparazzi wouldn't be able to get pictures of the babies when the blankets were taken off of their faces. Both babies were fast asleep, and Brian smiled warmly at Rayleigh when they started driving towards their home.


"Are they okay?" Brian asked worriedly twenty minutes after they had left the hospital.

"They're fine, Brian. You worry a lot," Rayleigh reassured him.

"Are you sure?"

She rolled her eyes and smiled, and then looked back at the babies. Cayden was sleeping underneath the black and red skull-printed baby blanket that Zacky had given him, and Jaimee, underneath her own soft pink and pale green one that Val and Matt had gotten her, was staring at the front of the SUV with her bright, vivid green eyes. She smiled at the little girl, her daughter and handed her a little Gir-shaped rattle. Brian put in a Guns N' Roses CD softly, and started singing along with Axl on Welcome to The Jungle. Rayleigh smiled, and then looked through the back window of the SUV.

"The whole cameraderie is following us back to our place," She informed Brian, who looked in the rearview mirror but didn’t see anything. That didn’t mean they weren’t there, however; he was rather distracted by the thought of being a Dad, and being able to take his children home.

"Zacky and the crew or the stalkerazzi?"

"Zacky and the crew," she said. "Which is probably a good thing. They can help us settle down at home again."

Brian nodded, and pulled into their driveway. They waited until only the rest of the guys in Avenged had parked their cars, and then they shut the gates so that the paparazzi couldn't enter. Brian grabbed Jaimee's baby carrier, and as Rayleigh reached to grab Cayden's, Zacky walked up.

"I can carry him if you want," he offered. "You're probably still in pain, right? That’s what Gena said would happen,” he added in a quiet voice.

She smiled at his consideration, and hugged him. "Aww, you're so sweet, Zacky," she said. "Yeah, you can carry him in."

They walked towards the inside of the house, and when they got inside, Brian and Zacky set the baby carriers on the couch. "Okay, should we take them up to the nursery?" Zacky asked. Brian looked at Rayleigh, and she nodded.

They walked up the stairs, and stepped into the nursery, which was painted in a Nightmare Before Christmas style, with two identical cribs on opposite sides of the large room. Zacky grinned when he saw the room, and looked at Rayleigh.

"Which one goes in which crib?"

"Jaimee's on the left, and Cayden's on the right." Rayleigh said. Brian nodded, and Zacky took Cayden to his crib while Brian kissed Jaimee on the top of his head before he put her into her crib. He started the mobile above her crib, and smiled at her.

"Ray, they're so quiet. Not like their dad at all," Matt said as he walked into the room quietly. "Or like you, for that matter. It's disturbing, to a certain extent."

"I think it's funny," she said with a smile. "Let's let them get some sleep."

"Hang on," Brian said, walking over to the CD player he had set up in their room. He wanted them to grow up listening to music of all kinds, and when they were asleep it was no exception. He put in the Motley Crue’s 'Dr. Feelgood' album, and Matt looked at him with cocked eyebrows.

"Motley Crue in a baby nursery?" He asked. Brian nodded.

"It's a good album. I want them to be able to appreciate music," he shrugged. "Rayleigh does too, right?"

She nodded and hugged Brian.

"Let's go downstairs," she said, leaving the baby nursery open so that they would be able to hear Cayden or Jaimee cry if indeed they did.
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