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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Sixty-Three

"Brian, can you come here for a second?" Rayleigh called from their bedroom. Brian got up from the couch he was sitting on in the downstairs den and walked up the stairs, where he saw Rayleigh lying on the bed, a pained look on her face.

"What's wrong?" He asked, suddenly worried.

"It's getting harder to breathe," she whispered, taking a deep sigh as she said it. Brian pulled out his cell phone and called Zacky. "Yeah, can you come over and babysit? I need to get Ray to the hospital. Yeah, dude. I appreciate it. Okay. Thanks. Bye." Brian said, hanging up the phone. He looked at Ray. "Do you want me to call the ambulance or wait?"

She took another gasp of air. "Wait. Cayden and Jaimee are more important,” she gasped. Just then the downstairs door opened, and Matt's voice rang out.

"Dude, where the fuck are you?"

"Matt's here. He can watch them." He said, walking to the bed and picking her up. She nodded, and he carried her down the stairs. He looked at Matt as he carried her out of the house.

"What's wrong?" Matt asked, his tone becoming more serious.

"Can you watch the twins until Zacky gets here? I'm taking Ray to the hospital. She’s having trouble breathing," Brian said as he continued walking down the stairs. Matt called back yes, and Brian set her in the Suburban. He sped the entire way to the hospital, and took her in the ER door.
The doctor nodded, giving Brian a sympathetic-filled look before handing him a clipboard. “You’ll need to sign some papers to give us permission to go through with the surgery that she’s going to need, but after you get that done, we can start right away.”
"What appears to be the problem?" The doctor asked. Brian sighed and set her on the bed.

"My wife can't breathe," he told the doctor. "She just had twins, and I think--"

"Alright. That's all we need to know for now, son. We'll take care of her."

"He's coming...with." Ray said as they put the ventilator over her mouth to give her oxygen. The doctor sighed.

"Fine. You are family, after all," he relented as they wheeled her to the radiation room, where they took X-rays of her. Brian waited outside, pacing the white hallway impatiently, worriedly, until the doctor came up to him.

"What's wrong with her?" Brian asked. The doctor looked at the floor sadly, and then looked at Brian.

"Her lung is collapsing, and there are some other injuries as well. We're going to operate tonight, and then we can only wait."

"How did this happen?" Brian asked angrily, slamming his fist into the wall.
"It is possible that it was a spontaneous injury, however, judging from the X-rays, that's not my professional opinion."

"Then what do you think happened?"

The doctor sighed. "I think one of the babies kicked her ribs while they were still in the womb, and punctured the lung. This is a serious injury, Mr. Haner. Time can only tell what will happen."

"What are her chances for surviving this thing?" Brian asked through gritted teeth. The doctor smiled.

"You're lucky you got her here. There's an 85% chance of survival for her, and after surgery, the rates will go up to 95% or better. I wouldn't worry, Mr. Haner. But, there's also something else I'd like to ask about."


"There are several internal injuries that appear to have been there for quite some time. Years, if I'm not mistaken. Can you tell me how this possibly happened?"

He screamed in anger and knocked another hole into the hospital wall. "Her father." He said bitterly. "He hit her all the time when he wasn't in jail."
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