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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Sixty-Four

"Ray? Are you awake?" Brian asked as he walked into the hospital room she stayed in a few hours after the surgery. She weakly nodded from the bed, and he sat on the couch beside the bed, holding her hand.

"They told me one of the twins kicked in a rib," she said, her throat obviously sore. He nodded.

"It's okay, Ray. They'll make you better again," Brian promised her. Though he wasn't quite sure if it was true, he couldn't bring himself to believe otherwise. She chuckled lowly.

"I know, Brian. Where are Cayden and Jaimee?"

"They're with Matt and Zacky. They'll be okay, too." He told her.

"They want to perform another surgery tonight." She told him. He nodded.

"I know. They want to get you started healing as soon as possible," he explained. She squeezed his hand.

"I'll be fine, Brian. You don't need to worry about me," she smiled.

"I know, but I do anyways." He told her, ready to tear up. "I'm scared, Ray."

"You don't need to be. Everything will be just fine. I promise," she said. He sighed, and then got up to kiss her lips.

"Ray! You're awake!" Matt said, walking into the room. He was carrying Cayden in the baby carrier, and he was sound asleep, like usual. Jaimee, who was in Zacky's hands beside Matt, looked like she was about ready to cry. Rayleigh noticed, this, and motioned for Zacky to hand her to her mother, and she did. As soon as Jaimee was in Ray's arms, the pouty look on her face vanished, and she smiled at her mom, a little bit of slobber on the side of her mouth.

"Can you hand me her bib?" She asked Zacky, who fished it out of his jeans pocket. She wiped the drool away, and then looked at her baby girl. "Mommy's going to be just fine," she promised the little girl, who cooed happily. The doctor walked in.

"I'm sorry, but this is far too many guests at this time for Mrs. Haner. Only her husband and children may be in here right now," He told Zacky and Matt, who nodded.

"We'll be waiting here, Ray. Be okay, please," Zacky said sadly, looking at Ray. Matt handed Cayden to Brian, and walked over to Ray's bedside, and hugged her as gently as he could.

"You come off that operating table the same Ray as you are now, okay?" He told her. She nodded.

"I will, Matt. You all worry about me too much," She laughed, trying to reassure them all that she was going to be fine.

But she wasn't so sure that she would be, herself. She could only reassure them and keep her fear inside; if she showed her fear, that would only make them feel worse, and that wouldn't be good for the twins, who needed a stable environment. She watched as Zacky and Matt left the room, and then the doctor pulled the blinds on the window, where they were looking in at her.

"Now you can relax, Mrs. Haner. The surgery is in a few hours, and we'll go over the procedure at about nine," he told her as he left the room. She flipped him off from behind Brian, and he laughed.

"Just like old times, eh?" He asked with a laugh. She nodded with a faint smirk, and then stroked Jaimee's head, which had hair her shade of brown with some of Brian's mixed in.

Ten O'Clock That Night
Operating Room


"Okay, Ray. You're going to Hawaii for a few hours. Be sure to send us back a postcard," The anesthesticist said to Ray as they gave her the anesthetic. "Start counting backwards from ten."

"Ten...nine...eight...seve..."Rayleigh started before she conked out. She closed her eyes, and the doctor nodded to the attendants.

"Alright. Let's start," The doctor said, readying his scalpel. He made a small cut in the skin right above Ray's lung, and began the surgery.

Everything was going well into the surgery as they began to seal the lung up so it would heal properly, but the nurse looked at the monitor and let out a startled yelp.

"Her vitals are dropping!" She said urgently. The doctor cursed, and then prepared the defibrilator. He used it on her chest, but to no avail. Ray's vitals were a solid green line on the computer monitor, and the nurse grabbed the clipboard.

"Time of death, sir?" One of the nurses asked quietly, genuinely sad that the woman had died on the operating table.

"11:08...wait! She's still alive!" The doctor said. "Let's move!"

He used the defibrilator again, and shocked her heart. It brought her back just enough so that they could finish the procedure, and as they stitched up the original incision, her heart rate was back to normal, and they wheeled her to a new room in the ICU, Brian and the rest of the guys behind them.
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