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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Sixty-Six

At St. Anne's Medical Institute

"You're sure her ribs are fine? And her lung?" Brian asked the new doctor, Dr. Westley, who nodded with a smile.

"Yes, she's good to go. I don't know where those doctors would assume that your twins kicked in a rib; there's no definite indication of that by the X-rays you showed me. But I assure you, your wife will be just fine within a few weeks," the blonde man said with a smile. Ray smiled, and hugged Brian in relief.

"Thank God," she said. "I was getting pretty sick of hospitals."

Westley nodded, and handed her a packet of paper. "In here is a list of things you should avoid doing for up to a month, and things that you'll be able to do. My house number is on the bottom on the last page, in case of emergency, so you'll have the same doctor. Also, there is other information on your injury and things you can do to prevent any further damage, simple things like that," he smiled at her. She nodded.

"Thanks so much. I really appreciate this," she said to the doctor, who nodded in a friendly manner.

"Alright. You and your family are free to go home now," he told them, shaking Brian's hand and giving the same smile to Rayleigh.

They left the hospital with smiles on their face, and everyone somehow managed to pile into the Suburban. They made the hour-long drive back to the house. By that time, Rayleigh had fallen asleep from exhaustion, and was lying on Jimmy's shoulder in the backseat. The babies were positioned in their carriers between him and Leana, who was asleep on his other side, and the rest of the guys and their girlfriends were piled into the back of the vehicle.

"I'll carry Jaimee if you carry Cayden," Jimmy offered to Brian, who looked back at him from the passenger side of the front in confusion.

"Why so picky?" He asked jokingly. Jimmy smiled.

"Jaimee's name starts with a J, my name starts with a J. It fits," He smiled in a joking manner. Brian laughed, but nodded.

"Yeah, I'll carry Cayden," he told his friend. Zacky, who had decided to drive, pulled up to the front of the house, and Brian turned to him.

"Will you carry Ray into the house? She's exhausted," He asked his friend. Zacky nodded, and opened the back passenger side door. Everyone started piling out, and Zacky picked Ray out of the car carefully.

"Holy hell, Brian," Zacky joked. "Your wife has slobber all over her mouth!"

Brian shrugged. "Just means she's having a sex dream," he smirked back at his friend, who scrunched up his face. They walked into the entry of the house. Brian and Jimmy started up the stairs, taking Cayden and Jaimee to their nursery, while Zacky laid Rayleigh on a sofa in the den next to the foyer. Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled.

"Where's Brian?" She asked tiredly.

"Him and Jimmy took the twins upstairs. I think he'll be right back down, though," he told her. She nodded, and closed her eyes again. Zacky turned the TV on, and all of a sudden, his face went ghost white. Plastered on the screen were pictures of her father, and a video clip of him being led out of his cell.

"Uh, Ray," he said, shaking her shoulder. "You, uh, might want to see this."

She groaned and sat up on the couch, swiping her hair out of her eyes, which widened when she saw the screen.
"What the hell is going on?" She asked Zacky. He shrugged, obviously angry as well. She ran towards the front door, and locked all three locks on it, and then ran towards the kitchen. "Lock all the windows!" She called to Zacky, who nodded and got up to do it. She met him back in the den, where everyone else had congregated.

"What's wrong?" Brian asked her, worried. She gave him an angry glare.

"He's out, Brian. I don't know how, but he's fucking out."

And as she said the words, they all heard a window break in the back of the house.
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