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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Seventy

"I can't believe my mother booked this hotel for us," Rayleigh smiled as Brian held her hand while they walked into the lobby to the front desk. The receptionist smiled warmly at them.
"May I help you today?" She asked, her voice slightly infused with a Hispanic accent. Rayleigh smiled.

"Yeah, my mother-in-law booked us here for...well...I'm not exactly sure how long, but we're booked here," Brian told her, scratching the back of his head. The woman's smile widened.

" must be Mr. and Mrs. Haner, correct?"

They nodded, and the woman's smile broadened even more than it already had. "Your suite is on Floor 13."

Rayleigh smiled, but rolled her eyes. "What is it with my mother and the number thirteen?" She asked Brian as they took their keys. He smiled at her.

"I don't know. Maybe she realizes now what a morbid little thing you are."

She mock hit him, and opened her mouth in protest. "Morbid? How am I morbid?"

Brian smiled. "No offense, sweetie, but you did design our children's nursery in Jack Skellington things."

"Jack Skellington happens to be very adorable, thank you," she defended herself. He kissed her forehead, and pulled her to her chest as they walked onto the elevator.

"That's why I love you," he murmured into her neck. She smiled at him, and then pulled herself up on his neck, wrapping her legs around his waist. He gave her a cocked eyebrow, and she laughed.

"I'm sure this wouldn't be the first time the security has seen this happen in an elevator before. And we're only on floor 1.5. We have a lot of floors left, Brian."
He smiled, and quickly unzipped his jeans pants, pulling his fedora over his eyes. She smiled at him before shoving her own jeans down, exposing herself for him.

"Y-you n-never told me th-that--" He stuttured. She placed her fingers on his chin, bringing his gaze to hers.

"That I go commando sometimes? Yeah, I do," she smirked. He kissed her lips, and then asked the question with his eyes, and she nodded. Without further adieu, he pushed himself into her, and she bit down on his shoulder lightly to stop herself from letting the moans escape into the elevator. After about four minutes, they had both spent themselves, and he looked at the floor gauge and smiled at her.

"Pssht. And we still have a whole two floors to go," he smiled at her as she pulled her jeans back up around her hips. She smiled at him.

"We can spend that making out," she said confidently, pinning him against the wall of the elevator. He didn't argue, and they made out until the dinger went off, signaling that they were on their floor. With great difficulty, they broke their heated make-out session, and Brian grabbed her hand as they walked down the hall towards their suite, Room 113, coincidentally or not.


Once they had found the door, they looked at each other before opening the door, showing them a beautiful room with an ocean view, Rayleigh gasped, and Brian hugged her as they walked into the room. She found the door to the balcony and she took in the stunningly beautiful scenery seeing another building, probably housing other guests, across the beautiful pool. In the distance, she could see the beautiful Cancun seashore, and she smiled when Brian's familiar, tattooed arms snaked around her waist. She laid her head back on his shoulder, and looked up at him.

"I love you, you know," she said. "Sure, you can be a brat sometimes, but I do love you."

He laughed at her choice of words, but turned her around so that they were chest-to-chest. "Rayleigh Anne Coslov-Haner, you may have grown up a spoiled little princess, and you may be a sarcastic rebel, but I love you, too."
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