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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Seventy-Five

"Hey, you two lovebirds, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but--"

"Don't tell me. You wet your pants because you couldn't make it to the potty," Rayleigh laughed when Johnny knocked on the basement bedroom door. He fake pouted, and then shook his head with a frown.

"No. I did not piss my pants. For your information," he informed her. She laughed, and then pulled the blankets more securely around herself.

"So what's up, Johnny-boy?"

"You need to see it to believe it, Ray," Johnny sighed. "I tried to tell your mom that it wasn't necessary. I mean, we have Shads, for God's sake. But she wouldn't listen to me, and--"

"What did my mother do this time?" She asked with a sigh. Brian rubbed her back.

"She hired a band," he told her. That got her stumped.

"What?" She asked, clueless. Why would her mother hire a band? After all, she was married to the guitarist in a band.

"She didn't hire them to play music," he continued. "She hired them as bodyguards."

She sat up in the bed, making sure to keep the blankets around her chest. "She did what?"

"Yeah," Jimmy said, walking in as well. "We tried to stop her."


"Uh, well..."

"Please tell me it isn't Fall Out Boy."


"Hannah Montana?"

"How in the hell could she protect you? Spray someone with hair spray?” Jimmy snickered, causing Rayleigh to think about it for a little longer.

"The Jonas Brothers?"

"If Hannah Montana couldn’t protect you, those twats couldn’t, either," Johnny noted quietly.

"Then who the hell did she hire?" Rayleigh asked.

"I actually think you like them, Ray," Jimmy said, hopeful, a small smile on his face. "And they're not bad guys or anything."


"Hollywood Undead,” Jimmy said. "And she was serious, too. She heard about they're reputation, and she--"

"She hired Hollywood be bodyguards?" Rayleigh asked incredulously. "Okay, who told her about them?"

"Blame Zacky!" Johnny and Jimmy said at the same time. "He's the one who told her to listen to one of their songs, and she thought they sounded tough, so she hired them!”

"When are they supposed to be here?" She asked Jimmy.

"Later today sometime."

"Great. Just great. The house is a mess, there's already a lot of people living here, and now we're having even more people move in." Rayleigh said. "And you can tell my mom that she's responsible for feeding them. And everybody else she seems to think it's necessary to have around. I can understand having tight security, but bodyguards? Seriously?" She mumbled as Johnny and Jimmy left the room. She got up out of the bed and began putting together an outfit that she knew would suit the day's weather well. Brian pulled on some clothes as well, and then looked at her with a sigh.

"Your mother is a bit eccentric," he told her. She nodded.
"I know. Trust me, Brian. I know."

"Hey, where's Scuddles? I haven't seen him in awhile," he asked her. Her eyes widened, and then she smiled.

"He's probably just in the basement or something. He never has liked having lots of people around."

He nodded at her, and then crossed the room to kiss her cheek. "You're probably right. Now let's go meet Hollywood Undead."

She nodded and held his hand as they walked out of the bedroom. "Wait," she said. "I'm going to get one of the twins."

He gave her a confused look. "Why? They're sleeping."

She nodded. "I'm willing to deal with the crying if Jaimee gets fed up with being awake so long as it keeps any of them from tackling, maiming, or otherwise jumping on me."
He smiled at her, and then walked with her to the nursery, where Jaimee was sitting wide awake in her crib, staring at the wall. Rayleigh gave her a strange look, and picked her up with a kiss to her cheek. "What is it?" She asked with a coo. "What's so interesting about that wall?"

Jaimee smiled at her mother, and tugged a little on her hair. Brian picked up Cayden, and they all left the nursery, walking down the stairs.


"Rayleigh, I can--" Her mother started when she walked into the living room. Rayleigh gave her the look.

"Don't even start it, Mom. You know the house is already over-crowded as it is. And now you're inviting another band to live in here? Are you insane?"

"That's not fair, Ray," her mother told her. "I did it for your safety."

"You thought Dad would manage to get to me through Shads and the rest of the guys?"

"You know your father, Ray," her mother said. "And you know that if he wants something, he'll get it."

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Rayleigh looked at her mother. "Well, mother. Since you invited them over to stay until further notice, you can greet them. And then you can feed them, find them bedrooms, and clean up after any messes they may make, as most guys do."

"Rayleigh, that's--"

"And you're not hiring a housekeeper on top of all this. I told Brian when we moved in here that we would take care of the upkeep, and we will."

"Fine." Her mother said, opening the door with a smile. "Welcome to our humble, hectic abode."
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