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Baby Just Say Yes

Unexpected Surprise

"Brian, give it back!" Rayleigh laughed when Brian grabbed her cellphone out of her hands. He gave her a smirk, and then held it high above her head.
"I wonder what you'd do if I deleted all of your contacts but me?" He asked with an evil smile.
"I'd have to tie you up and beat you." She said, placing her hands on her hips. He cocked his eyebrows.
"That may make me actually want to erase your contacts." He smiled.
"You wouldn't." She threatened. He nodded, and handed her the phone back.
"You're right. I wouldn't do that to you." He said. She sighed, and then turned around. She was surprised however, when he picked her up by her hips and threw her over his shoulder.
"Brian! Put me down!" She squealed.
"It's not my fault you're short and light." He smiled.
"Need some help there, Ray?" Scene asked her from the doorway. "I think that would classify as our job, you know."
She nodded, and Scene walked over to Brian. "Ya know, she said she wants help, but you are her I'll let it go for now." He laughed, stepping back.
"Charlie! You're supposed to be on guard duty!" She squealed. He shook his head.
"He's your husband. I have no jurisdiction." He laughed. "Sorry. Maybe Deuce will help you."
"Oh, shush." Abby said, walking into the room. "You're being loud and obnoxious."
"Mom, we're having fun." Rayleigh told her mother. "Have you ever heard of such a thing."
"You're a mother now, Rayleigh. Act like it. Fun went out the door when you got knocked up." Her mother told her. Sensing that the mood of the room had changed, Scene quietly walked down to the basement, and Brian set Rayleigh feet-first on the floor.
"I didn't get knocked up, Mom. I got pregnant." She told her mother bitterly.
"There's no difference." She told her daughter. "You're making the same fool mistakes I did when I was young. I never should have let you start things up with him again. I never should have let you marry him."
"What?" She asked her mother in disbelief. "Mom, you have no right to say those kinds of things!"
"You were seventeen, Rayleigh. I could have stopped it if I wanted to. And I knew I should. I'm telling you right now, young lady. You should just divorce him and come back home. We can be a family again."
"A family?" She asked her mother. "We were never a family, Mother!"
"Your father did the best he could, Rayleigh Anne Coslov!" Her mother said, barely raising her voice above normal. That stopped Rayleigh cold, and Brian wrapped his arms around her.
"Abby, I don't thi--"
"Brian, you have no say in this. I'd appreciate it if you'd shut your mouth." Abigail told him. Just then, Suzie and Papa Gates walked into the room.
"What's going on?" Suzie asked.
"I'm taking my daughter where she belongs, Susan. The twins will stay here, with their--"
"I'm not leaving." Rayleigh told her mother. "I'm a legal adult now, and you can't force me to do anything. You can leave if you want, but I'm not going with."
"Yes, Rayleigh. You are." Her mother said. "Don't cause a scene."
"Someone call?" Charlie said, taking his que to enter the room.
"No." Her mother told Charlie. "And you're dismissed from duty. Go do your gang activities, or whatever it is you do. I don't want you around my daughter any longer."
"Woah, woah, woah." Charlie said, holding his hands up. "Just since when do you know anything about me?"
"I hired you, you idiot." Abigail told him. "And now I'm firing you. Get out."
"This isn't your house, Abigail." Suzie told her. "And I'd appreciate it if you'd stop yelling. The twins are--"
"I don't give a damn about the twins!" Abigail said. "They're little monsters, just like your son!"
And for the first time in a long time, Rayleigh saw Suzie frown. "Abigail, I don't have any place in telling you how to talk to Rayleigh, though I find it very distasteful. But Brian is my son, and I will not tolerate you talking about him as though he's a lower being than yourself." Suzie told her firmly.
"Oh, shut up, already." Abigail told her. "I don't need to listen to this"
"I'll help you pack." Brian told her, rubbing Rayleigh's shoulders. "If it will get you out of Ray's life, I'd be more tha--"
"For God's sake, her name is Rayleigh!" Her mother screamed at him. "What don't you imbeciles understand about that!"
"That's enough of that." Suzie told her. "We'll put your stuff outside, but you need to get out now."
"With pleasure. Come, Rayleigh." She said, starting to walk towards the door. Rayleigh stared at her mother like she was a stranger. When Abigail sensed that her daughter was not following her, she turned around and glared at her, all the coldness and anger from her marriage with Richard coming back to her. "I said come, Rayleigh. Do as you're told!"
"I'm not a child anymore, mother." Rayleigh told her. "I'm staying with my husband and children and friends."
"Don't make me do something rash, Rayleigh. I will involve the police if need be."
"You're no longer my next of kin, Mother. That would be Brian, Cayden, and Jaimee."
"I will make you regret your decision, my dear." Her mother said before storming off of the properyty.
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So, her mother never really changed. I wonder who her cohort is?