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Baby Just Say Yes

Hitting Close To Home

"I wonder what's on the news today?" Rayleigh asked three days after her mother had left.
"You do not want to watch the news, Ray." Charlie told her from the living room, where he hastily turned off the TV, which he'd previously been watching CNN on.
"Why?" Rayleigh asked. "My week can't possibly get any worse than it already is."
"Trust me." He told her, trying to get her out of the living room without being forceful. "That last statement you made is 100% false."
"Charlie, seriously. What's on the news?" She asked him, trying even harder to get into the living room.
"Deuce! A little help here!" Charlie called to his friends. Rayleigh, having had enough by now, tried to push her way into the living room, though keeping a smile on her face. Deuce picked her up from behind and started carrying her up the stairs.
"Brian!" She screamed jokingly. "Help!"
"What's going on?" He asked, poking his head out of their bedroom.
"She was trying to watch the news." Charlie explained. Brian's eyes narrowed.
"No news, Ray." He told her. "It's all negative shit anyways."
"They're making it seem like it's negative shit about me." She humphed when Deuce put her feet on the floor.
"Please don't hit me." He half-way begged. She sighed.
"Does it look like I'm going to hit you?" She asked him, sighing. "No."
"Trust us, Ray. There's nothing worth watching on the news." Charlie told her. "It's just shit, okay?"
"About me." She countered. "Shouldn't I know if it's about me?"
"You're likely to go find the person and attack them if you found out, Ray." Brian sighed. "And I don't feel like having to post bail."
"What was said?" She asked. "Who said it?"
"You--" Deuce started. Charlie whacked him.
"No one said anything about you, Ray." Charlie told her. "We just don't want your mood to further decrease."
She blinked twice at him and then burst into laughter.
"What's so funny?" Charlie asked.
"Nothing. You sounded all scientific when you said that!" She laughed. Everyone straightened, and then Charlie smiled.
"I do believe a Mr. Jack Daniels is calling my name." He said. "See you later. Don't watch the news."
"I'm going with him." Deuce said. "We'll be in the living room guarding the TV."
"Okay. I think I can keep her distracted for awhile." Brian smiled, wrapping his arms around her from behind. "Isn't that right, Ray?"
She smiled and then turned around, kissing his lips. "Yeah. You can distract me." She agreed. He picked her up bridal-style and kicked their bedroom door open, and then shut it with the heel of his foot. He plopped her down onto the bed, and then she gave him a disproving look.
"What's wrong?" He asked her.
"You need to be a little more romantic than that." She smiled. "Candles. Teddy bears. You know. The like."
"Since when are teddy bears romantic?" He asked, puzzled. She laughed and then sat up, grabbing his button-up shirt with both of her hands.
"Since you gave me that one back in third grade." She said, kissing his lips. He smiled into the kiss, and then wrapped his arms around her back.
"That old thing? I thought you'd forgotten about it." He admitted.
"It's in a box in the closet." She told him. "Just waiting for one of the twins to have it."
He smiled, and then sat up. "I'll be right back." He said.
"Where are you going?" She asked, grabbing his arm. He turned and smiled at her.
"You wanted your damn candles, you'll get your damn candles." He teased. She growled in further disproval and threw him onto the bed.
"Screw the goddamn candles." She said. "I'm in the mood now."
He laughed when she kissed him. "God, woman. If I didn't know you better I'd call you bipolar."
"That'd be one of the 1000 ways to die." She said, pulling her shirt over her head.
"Not worth it." He said, his calloused hands touching her soft shoulders. She leaned in to his neck and started leaving her mark, and he worked on unbuttoning both of their pants. Just before he could shove her pants off of her hips, they heard one of the twins start crying in the nursery next to them, and she sighed.
"We can't ignore them." She said, getting up off of the bed. She pulled her shirt back over her head and turned to look at a very frustrated Brian.
"Later tonight. We'll go to a motel and let someone babysit the twins." She promised. He smiled and nodded.
"Can you go take care of the twins? I've got a...ah...little problem."
"Doesn't look that little to me." She smirked before turning and walking to the nursery, where the babies were still crying. She saw that it was Cayden this time who was crying, and she walked over to his crib and picked him up.
"Shhh....There, there, Cade...what's wrong? Huh, what woke you up?" She cooed softly, automatically checking his soft baby skin for any irritations. She found a small, but nasty looking, cut above his hip. She narrowed her eyes and looked further at it, trying to calm down the crying baby while trying to determine what it could possibly be. It didn't look like an insect bite, and she knew that the screens were brand new anyway. Just then a glint of something in the crib caught her eye, and she moved the blankets around, trying to find it.
"Ow! Son of a...what the fuck?" She asked when she found two razorblades lying in the crib. "BRIAN!"
Immediately Brian, and several other people ran into the nursery.
"What's wrong?" Brian asked her, his voice serious.
"Get Jaimee out of her crib now! And check it for razorblades." She said. He hustled over to the crib where his little baby girl lay sleeping, and he picked her up. She opened her eyes sleepily when her father picked her up.
"Johnny 3, do you want to check the crib? My hands are a little full." He asked Johnny 3 Tears, who nodded and started going through the blankets. Within seconds he held up two razorblades in his hand.
"Who did this?" She asked angrily, tears burning at the corners of her eyes. "Who would hurt two innocent babies?"
"I'll give you two guesses as to who I think it was." Deuce said seriously, looking quite pissed off himself. He'd come to care about Brian and Ray like they were family, as had all the guys of Undead.
"Mother." Rayleigh said bitterly, walking to the bathroom to clean up Cayden's cut.
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So now they're threatening physical violence to her kids...what will she do to them in return?

I just found out something interesting. If any of you watched CNN sometime in the last couple of days and saw a guy named Rod Merkel and a bunch of kids from Beach, ND on the Close Up trip to Washington DC, he's my history teacher. And apparently he made quite a fool of himself.