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Baby Just Say Yes

Chapter Eight

"What do you mean, she disappeared?" Rayleigh's father asked Herald angrily, slamming his hand into the wall, making a hole.

"Don't be absurd about this, Richard." Her mother said coolly.


"There's no need for the destruction of our home and yelling, darling." She said, again in the same manner.

"You can consider your reputation ruined." Richard threatened Herald.

"It's not my f-fault!" He stuttered, moving behind Abigail.

"You lost our daughter. Our only child! How could you?!" He yelled at the jock.

"S-She needed to u-use the bathroom!" He stammered.

"And you didn't wait for her? You knew she was under house arrest!" He yelled.

"Darling, that's enough. We'll just call the cops." Abigail told him, placing her perfectly manicured hand on his shoulder.

"And have them do what? Track down a missing teenage girl who left no trail of where she's gone?"

"We know who she's with." Abigail said. "That alone will be enough to find her."

"And what if it's not? What will we do then, huh?"

"We'll let her run her course. Eventually she'll realize what a pathetic nobody he is and come home to us." Abigail said, her voice beginning to faulter. After all, that was her only daughter out there, alone in the world, her life depending upon a juvenile delinquent.

"No. I want her home. Now. And I want him arrested." Richard said, dialing 911 on his cell phone. "Hello...? Yes, this is Richard Coslov. I need my daughter to be declared the victim of a kidnapping...No, we have not recieved a ransom, she didn't tell us she was leaving...Yes, she was seeing someone...No, she didn't take any clothes with her...What?! Why can't you...I see, very well then...Thank you for your time."

"What did they say?" Abigail asked.

"They can't declare her missing until she's been gone for 48 hours, and they can't say she's been kidnapped unless we recieve evidence that that's what happened. They suggested..."

"What did they say?" She asked more urgently.

"They suggested that she left on her own free will to be with him." Richard sighed.

"She wouldn't do that. She was enjoying our time together." Herald spoke up. Richard glared at him.

"You. Go home. And don't expect to be getting into Yale next year, either."

"Richard, I think you're being a little extreme. Herald--" Abigail started.

"Just happened to lose my only daughter. I don't think I'm being irrational when I say his life as he knows it is over."


"Abby, if you're not worried about our daughter, about who she's with, then you're the irrational one. Do you realize how dangerous that boy is?"

"Yes, but--"

"Don't but me. That's my daughter out there, and I am going to bring him home. That boy is dead if I see him."
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