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Baby Just Say Yes

The Haunt Begins

"Ray, if you don't want to do this, we can ju--"
"I'm sure I'll have fun, Brian." She cut him off, kissing his lips. "It just might take a little time for my nerves to settle down."
"What do you want to do first, then? The lady said we could just wander and take our own tour." Brian said. "Unless you don't want to do anything except--"
"Can we go down by that one grave she was talking about?" Rayleigh asked. "That will help me believe that whatever's here is actually dead."
Brian nodded and grabbed her hand, and they started walking down the long hallways that, to the eye looked like your average hallway but felt cold, like the air was being sucked from their lungs.
"Feeling okay?" Brian asked, his hand on the small of Rayleigh's back as he guided her through the many halls to the first story, and finally out one of the doors that led to the pool, where they began walking down the long expanse of moonlight yard, which also felt creepy, though slightly less so than inside the Paramour. Rayleigh felt her nerves calm tremendously as they walked down to the graveside of one of the past residents of the home, and Brian held her hand as they found the small area.
"There. See? Dead." He smiled, holding her face in her hands.
"Alright. Nothing dead ca--"
And before Rayleigh could finish her sentence, a gunshot rang out on the pasture, and without thinking, Brian shoved Rayleigh to the ground and covered her body with his own.
"What was that?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes. "Brian, I'm really fucking creeped out now."
"That wasn't a ghost, Ray." He said in a dark voice. "We need to hide--now."
"Where?" She asked. "They have a gun, and we have nothing. They shot in this general area, which means they can see us, whereas we have no clue where they're at!"
"If you keep screaming like that, it'll make it easier for them." He said in a whisper. "Now, we're both in dark clothes, and that woman said the security guards have cameras everywhere and that they make regular patrols of the grounds. We'll just--"
Another shot rang out, this time ricocheting off of a nearby tree and hitting the gravestone, which was mere feet from Rayleigh's body.
"Hey! Who's shoo-" They heard a guard yell, his flashlight bobbing up and down rapidly. Before he could finish his sentence, another shot ran out, and in the moonlight Rayleigh and Brian watched as he slumped over to the ground.
"Ray, I need you to listen to me, okay?" He whispered to her. Through the tears streaming down her face, she couldn't see him, but she nodded. "I need you to run into the trees, Ray, and keep running. Don't look back, don't even think of me, okay? I need you to get as far away as possible from here."
"B-Brian I c-can't lea-leave you!" She sobbed in a rushed whisper. "I'm n-not g-going without y-you."
"You have to, Ray, or neither of us is going to make it home to Cay and Jaimee."
"No!" She replied determinedly. "I didn't leave y-you last time and I'm not leaving you th-this time!"
"Rayleigh, don't be stubborn about this!" He told her. "We can't both stay here, or we might both die. If you run, at least you'll live."
"Rayleigh, goddamn it, listen to me!"
"I am listening to you, Brian, but I love you too much to just leave you here alone. I'm not going without you."
"Oh, how very touching." A woman with long blonde hair and a cat-like mask over her eyes. "I'm sorry, but I've been hired to break up your little love nest."
"Not gonna happen." Rayleigh growled, pulling the woman's leg. She fell to the ground, but as she fell, pulled a knife out of a holster on her thigh and cut Rayleigh across the face, leaving a deep, gushing wound on her cheek.
"Now," The woman said, standing up again. "We can do this the easy way, or, we can do it the hard way."
"Fuck you!" Rayleigh spat. The woman laughed and kicked her.
"Before you make your decision, I'll be fair. I've got five snipers surrounding the area, and if I'm even slightly hurt, they will shoot to kill."
"Who hired you?" Brian demanded. The woman smiled down at him.
"Do you even have to ask that question, Brian?"
"My father." Rayleigh spat. "Well, you can go tell my father to fuck himself."
"Oh, and you're so handsome." The woman told Brian, touching his cheek. He stiffened, but didn't try to attack her, and much to the woman's surprise, neither did Rayleigh.
"Andrea, are we ready to go?" Someone called out, a few feet above them. Rayleigh and Brian assumed they were hiding in the trees.
"Yes." Andrea, the woman who had cut Rayleigh and now was touching Brian's face, said. "I think they've chosen what they want to do. Bring the zipties and blindfolds. And I think the little miss might need a sedative. She's a fiesty one."
"And the male?"
The woman laughed. "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Coslov did say I could take my pick of the two."
♠ ♠ ♠
Uh oh. This can't be good.