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Baby Just Say Yes


"Guys, weren't Ray and Bri supposed to be back by now?" Deuce asked the rest of the guys the next day, around two hours after they had been scheduled to return from the Paramour.
"Yeah, Bri said they'd be back around three." Matt said. "This isn't like him."
"Do you think something happened?"
Before Matt could answer his question, Val screamed.
"Guys, get your asses in here!" She yelled. Immediately they were all in the living room.
"What's going--"
"Shush, just watch." She told them, turning up the TV.

--cent development in the Richard Coslov situation, things have taken a turn for the worse. Late last night, producers here at KQCD discovered a letter lying underneath the back door of Studio B. The letter, sent by Mrs. Abigail Coslov, whom was separated from Richard Coslov for the duration of his trial late last year, was addressed to the friends of their estranged daughter, Rayleigh Coslov, who recently had twins, and the parents and family of her husband Brian Haner, Jr., of popular rock band Avenged Sevenfold. This is what is said in the letter:

To The Friends and Family of Rayleigh Coslov and Brian Haner, Jr.,
Though this may come as a shock to some of you, I have decided to stand by my husband's side. It is my belief that he was right about our daughter, Rayleigh, from the start. Before this letter becomes longer, I should (though not regretfully) inform you that neither Rayleigh nor Brian will be returning to your group. Brian will be dealt with accordingly, and I can assure you that you will not be able to say goodbye to him. Rayleigh will be given just consequences for her actions, and there is simply not an action under the sun that can stop you from reprimanding our daughter. But instead of placing the blame for their consequences on us, her parents, take a look at yourselves and place the blame on yourselves. You took what was once our obedient, respectful, and classy daughter who was on the path to success and turned her into a walking wreck; a child of Satan, if you will. Now she will become our child again in due time, and will learn that her actions were nothing more than pointless rebellion that came from the likes of you. And on the subject of her 'husband,' what happens to him will be a reminder for any of you who decide to try and stop what is our God-given right.
Unsincerely yours, Abigail Margaret Coslov

"They have her?" Zacky asked angrily, punching a wall into the light tan wall.
"Easy on the architecture, Zacky." Val said. "I know, we're all mad, but there's not a whole lot we can do. We just have to take this one step at a time, make a strategy."
"She's going to kill them." Jimmy said angrily. "And then I'll kill her. I fucking swear it."
"Do we even know where to look for them?" Matt asked Val, who looked helpless. Deuce looked at them and smiled, Charlie right beside him.
"No," Charlie said slowly. "But we know some people who know how to."

With Brian

"Get your fucking hands off me." Brian spat at the woman, who was currently stroking his bare chest. As soon as the men who had kidnapped them had him ziptied and he had been forcefully taken away from Ray, she had taken out a knife and sliced his shirt off of his body, leaving him feeling vulnerable and exposed in a way he never had before.
"I don't think you're in any position to be telling me what to do." She said, drawing out the words as she sauntered around to his back, where she rested her long-nailed hands on his shoulders.
"As soon as I get free, I'll--"
"You'll what? Don't say you'll hit a woman, that's unmoral." She told him, a light chuckle in her voice. "And admit it; you know you think I'm hot. They all do."
"As far as I'm concerned, you're the ugliest bitch on the face of this earth." He replied angrily, trying in vain to pull his hands free from the three zipties holding his arms to the back of the chair.
She chuckled lightly before he heard the removal of clothing, and inwardly, he groaned. He hated every second of this, and she was going to make him even more miserable.
"How can you judge someone's beauty unless you've...seen their whole body?" She asked, stepping in front of him, exposing her very unclothed body. Instead of looking at her breasts, or even further down, he kept eye contact with her, truly not wanting anything from her but his release and the release of his wife.
"I just did, and you're still a fucking ugly bitch." He told her. "Now let. Me. Go."
She did her chuckle again, and moved closer to him.
"Do you really want me to let you go? Or do you want me to..." She whispered, leaning in to his ear. "Fuck you senseless?"
"Just another criminal count on your side." He told her. "More jail time for you."
"Oh, we'll just see how criminal it is." She laughed. When she attempted to loosen his pants, he bucked the chair up on the front two legs, forcing her to fall flat on her ass on the floor. She glared up at him, and he smirked back.
"Now, as I told you before. Keep your hands off of me."
She got up and grabbed a long coat from another chair nearby, and she turned and looked at him. "I'll deal with you again later. Right now, I have to deal with your wife."
That stopped him cold. "You even touch Ray, and I'll--"
"Don't make an empty threat, Brian." She chuckled as she walked out of the windowless room, making sure to turn the light off as she left, leaving him in complete darkness.
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